10 things to bring to make your van a home

Imagine you end up on a deserted island with your van. What are the essentials you would bring to make it feel more like a home? Today we share ten must-brings to enjoy a relaxing, comfortable experience in your B-Van – no matter the destination!



Vanlife will require a bit of downsizing, but with that comes newfound freedom! The minimalist lifestyle is becoming more and more popular as people are discovering the liberation that comes from carrying less stuff. Our B-Vans feature ample storage, so you can bring along all the homely essentials and the things that genuinely bring you joy. Take some notes and start packing light – adventures await!



Inside of B-Home River cozy



The soundtrack to your life 

With miles of open road stretched out before you, bring the tunes that set your soul on fire! There’s nothing like jamming out to your favorite tracks on Spotify as you drive past the natural wonders of the world. As peaceful as birdsong and the sounds of nature outside are, sometimes you just want to blast Fleetwood Mac and Kendrick Lamar like there’s no tomorrow. The road was made for tunes! Just don’t be that person that blasts it after dark in a campground…



Garage and outdoor shower Bemyvan B-Home home on wheels



Cozy bedding

Having your favorite bedding on board makes a world of difference. You’ll sleep so much better when you have the familiarity of your own pillow or blankets and feel more secure. Too, it gets chilly at night outdoors! Good thing our B-Vans are equipped with off-grid heating systems to keep you even more toasty conveniently.


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B-Home parked in nature van bed



A journal

If you’re experiencing Vanlife, you’re most definitely making memories of a lifetime, and you’ll want to remember them! Days can go by so quickly when you’re having this much fun, and it’s easy to forget what the road had in store for you. A journal is essential for any journey and remembering all the places and people that shaped your adventure. Writing down your experiences and thoughts can be therapeutic, too! 




Interior of a fully off-grid van built by Bemyvan




Welcome to the future! One of the best things about Vanlife is the freedom to go wherever you wish. But gone are the days of being completely removed from the world (unless that’s how you roll!) With Starlink Satellite Wi-Fi, you’ll enjoy high-speed internet anywhere in the world, but it works especially well in remote locations. Stay connected with loved ones, work remotely from your van, or stream your favorite movies and host a Vanlife Movie night projected on the side of your van! We’re lucky to experience Vanlife in this era!




B-Van built by Bemyvan travel with dogs



Kitchen staples

The B-Van kitchen was built with the Vanlife chef in mind. There are plenty of Do’s and Dont’s to Vanlife cooking – and we share the scoop, here! Stock up on your favorite spices, oils, and sauces, and don’t be afraid to get creative in your Van kitchen! With builds featuring induction cooktops, fridges, microwaves, deep sinks with on-demand hot water, and generous kitchen storage, it’s the perfect opportunity to flex your culinary muscles! Cook healthy, delicious meals with fresh, local ingredients you find along your drive. Skip the drive-thru and feel good about what you consume.  With the right ingredients, you can whip up a gourmet feast and meet your inner chef!




Vanlife kitchen


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Your favorite books

Ahhh, that sweet feeling of opening the van’s windows wide, letting in the cool breeze, putting your feet up, and settling in with a good book. There’s nothing better! Bring along all your favorites and ones you’ve yet to crack open. You’ll have more time to read as you slow down and embrace the tranquility of the outdoors. Not to mention, it’s a brilliant way to relax after a long day outside exploring!




Inside of a B-Home with books




Outdoor activity gear

Who really likes working out in a stale, boring gym anyway? Use the mountains as your gym! Whether it be hiking, biking, snowboarding, or surfing, your B-Van is your trusty road dog for every outdoor activity! Just because you’re living in a van doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape. In fact, Vanlife is the perfect opportunity to stay active and explore the great outdoors, whether the mountains or the waves are more your style. Pack all your favorite outdoor gear and store it in your van’s spacious garage. Surf’s up!




Portable firepit

One of the best parts of Vanlife is being able to spend evenings and early magical mornings around the campfire under the stars and as the sun is about to rise. There are small, portable firepits and charcoal grills made specifically for Vanlife that are a breeze to set up and take down, like the Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill. Not all campgrounds and BLM allow fires, so make sure to confirm this with whichever location you’re overnighting in! (Especially during fire season, as hefty fines can apply if you break the rules.) 




Bemyvan community camping in the forest living vanlife




Camping chairs

Our B-Vans are built like tiny homes on wheels, full of cozy features and comfortable spaces. But you won’t be spending your entire time in the van! Bring some foldable, lightweight camp chairs along for the journey so you can take in the stars and invite new friends over from the campground to join you!





Vanlifers enjoy a weekend rental with Bemyvan




Portable video projector

There are some portable projectors as small as a can, super easy to set up, transport, and bring along for the ride! They’re awesome little gadgets to bring along for outdoor cinema nights. Also, ask our expert van builders about adding an awning to your build. A good awning will provide shade, shelter, protection from the elements, and a sweet outdoor chillout zone no matter what season you’re traveling in. It’s perfect for lounging outside and entertaining guests, especially if you decide to do a pop-up outdoor cinema!



Awning on a Sprinter



What would you bring along for the ride? What did we miss? We know everyone’s idea of home is a little different, but bringing some cozy essentials will make your grand adventure that much more enjoyable.



We take pride in creating homes on wheels that include everything you’ll ever need to get started comfortably on the road! Get in touch with our team today!



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