9 reasons to choose a Class B Camper van over an RV

If you personally know a Vanlifer, chances are their van is their baby, their home, and a dear friend they can’t imagine parting with. If you know someone with an RV, you might have heard the saying, “the best two days in an RV owner’s life are the day you buy it and the day you sell it.” They both serve their purposes, but today we’re talking about the reasons to choose a Class B camper van over an RV for your adventures!




Class B Camper built by Bemyvan



Size matters

Class B camper vans are much more compact than RVs, making them even more enjoyable to drive. They’re built on a van chassis, so they’re not as bulky and tough to handle as a giant RV would be. RV’s were the original homes on wheels, often with bathroom and bedroom spaces – but Vanlife changed everything! 



You can now experience a home on wheels without the cost, bulkiness, and stresses that an RV brings. Our B-Loft, B-Home, and B-Adventure builds come with all the features you need to live on the road. 




Class B Camper van built by Bemyvan




Think of cozy kitchen space, a warm bed to cuddle up in at night, a private bathroom and hot shower, and a workspace that’s a remote worker’s dream, all built on a manageable, attractive, much more affordable van chassis! Our B-Vans are built on Dodge Ram Promaster and Mercedes Sprinters. You’ll have abundant options to choose from when designing your home on wheels with us!




You can take your B-Van places an RV can’t go, and you’ll have more options for overnighting rather than being tied to loud, crowded RV parks cramped next to every other RV in town.



You’ll be able to navigate tight city streets and park in regular parking spots like grocery stores and street parking stress-free. Vans are a joy to handle, while RVs can be a nightmare getting in and out of parking spots, especially on narrow streets!




RVs are huge and hard to miss. You can’t exactly stealth camp in a neighborhood for the night without going unnoticed! Unlike bulky RVs, class B camper vans like our B-Vans are much more low-key. They look like regular vans, so you can blend in with the local surroundings and avoid drawing attention to yourself if you’re parked in a neighborhood or city for the night. They’re also much easier to park and maneuver on busy or narrow streets.




Digital nomad work setup remote





The Vanlife community is on another level! We’re constantly meeting like-minded, inspiring people on the road with our B-Vans, and we’re sure you will too. There are plenty of epic Vanlife gatherings to check out throughout 2023, and the community is reason enough to explore the lifestyle! It’s much easier to travel from place to place and meet up with fellow Vanlifers with a Class B Camper van, too.




Bemyvan community camping in the forest living vanlife



Fuel efficiency

Because Class B camper vans are smaller and lighter than RVs, they’re also more fuel efficient. This is a key factor, especially as fuel prices soar across the country – particularly in the summer months.




Interior of a Bemyvan Class B Camper van build




You’ll be able to go further with your dollars – which is a huge benefit as inflation continues. We recommend using the app GasBuddy to see where to fuel up for the best price next time you’re on a road trip! While you’re here, be sure to check out our article on the 13 Apps to Make Vanlife Even Easier for an even smoother journey!




Look no further – we’re here to help you build your dream home on wheels! Leave it to our expert craftsmen to design a class B camper van that perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle. We have several B-Van build designs that will just blow you away. We think you’ll quickly find that an RV isn’t needed in this day in age. Your home on wheels will be sleek, functional, cozy, and compact – perfect for your unique adventure. With sleek finishes and inclusions, camper vans are much more modern and functional than RVs.




Be-Home shower built by Bemyvan

Go Off-Grid

Class B Camper Vans, like our B-Vans, are built for off-grid living and adventuring as soon as you grab the keys! Thanks to their powerful solar panels and 300Ah to 500Ah lithium battery systems, you can go off-grid with a B-Van in style and comfort. No need to worry about installing anything further!




Freedom and adventure with a B-Adventure



RVs rely on hook-ups and connections to provide electricity and water. It is still entirely possible to go Off-Grid in an RV, but it will come with additional costs to have it Off-Grid ready. 



RVs are complex vehicles with systems that must be maintained and repaired consistently over the years. Class B camper vans are much simpler to take care of. Meaning less stress and fewer trips to the mechanic (we all know those aren’t cheap!) and more time and money to invest in yourself and your favorite outdoor activities instead.




Beautiful nature views from a B-Van


Class B camper vans are much more affordable than RVs. You’ll save a fortune on fuel and maintenance costs in the long run. RVs are expensive to buy, insure, and maintain, while camper vans are like owning a regular vehicle. Reselling your camper van is also lucrative; we’ve heard many stories of people selling their vans for more than they purchased them for!



Converted Class B Camper Vans are an in-demand, hot-ticket item because of their capabilities to house you while still taking you far and wide. Owning a B-Van is like having a home, office, and vehicle all wrapped up into one amazing package! RVs had their moment in time – but in 2023, Vanlife is here to stay. We have to give a shoutout to the humble RV, though, because they gave us the inspiration for homes on wheels! 




B-Adventure with open doors off-grid adventure van




As people prioritize comfort, functionality, and financial security – it’s a no-brainer to invest in a home on wheels that will treat you to stress-free adventuring with less need for maintenance for years to come. Investing in a B-Van can even earn you additional income. We list all the exciting ways you can earn with a B-Van here!




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