A day in a home on wheels

What’s it like living in a van? What does life on wheels even feel like?


One of our dear clients, Lacey, shared her experience with us on her newfound lifestyle of adventure.



Lets’s drive!


Friday, July 2nd, 9 A.M. Cruising in the backcountry of Utah with our shiny travel companion, my friend James and I are hitting the road to visit Zion National Park in our new adventure van!


It is such a great feeling to enjoy the scenery moving around us while driving in our fresh, brand-new van (and fresh as in powerful AC too!). The sun is hitting pretty hard with almost 95°F expected this afternoon.



Big Bear Vanlife views solo female travel


We brought along all of our hiking gear and stored it in the deluxe garage below the bed. I even had some space to add a mountain bicycle too! I attached a kayak on the roof, in case we happened to find a nice lake or river to chill by or fish.


Driving this tiny home on wheels is pleasant. We don’t feel much of the vibrations from the dirt roads, the whole structure is made to be strong! I could close the curtains and almost think I am staying at a guest house!


This is a dream off-grid adventure van!


Arriving at our destination

At our destination, the parking lot is crowded, but it was surprising how easy it was to park in a car spot. This van feels the size of a big car at the utmost, and the rear camera is pretty handy when you’re backing up!



A Home on wheels in Big Bear Lake, cozy off grid bemyvan adventure van


On a side note, it is so nice to come to visit a National Park without having to book a hotel a week or a month in advance. Yesterday we didn’t even know where we were planning to go yet!


More freedom means there is less to worry about. Worth it 100%.


Curtains closed, we put on our hiking gear, and I take a quick moment to use our private toilet before heading out. No waiting lines and no stinky pit public toilet – I love it!


For the Love of the Outdoors

Zion is filled with stunning natural landscapes! We went for the Angels Landing trail on a 4-hour exciting hike. Gorgeous, breathtaking views… and at times challenging too.


A vanlife girl overlooking a beautiful scenery of Zion National Park


Luxurious Amenities

My first thought when coming back from the hike – a nice hot shower is waiting for me! Efforts are rewarded. Life is good!


Just thinking back on all the times I would feel dirty after a hike, with sand in my socks and shoes, gross and sweaty, and looking forward to the end of the drive, to clean myself at the hotel or the campground communal shower (if it is equipped!) – those days are over!


Enjoying that hot shower right away today was priceless!


Indoor shower in the off-grid adventure van B-Home living


Even without the AC running all day, the van felt pretty cool, despite the hot weather. The insulation of the build seems to keep the temperature at a decent level. No burning leather seats or hot steering wheel, it is breathable and…James pulls out two cold sodas from the fridge and some ice cubes from the freezer. We are refreshed.



While James relaxes on the bed, I chill at the table and check my emails. I left my laptop to charge in the van while we were gone, as well as some equipment like James’ drone, that we forgot to charge before leaving our apartment in Salt Lake City.



Van interior B-Home Bemyvan design off grid-adventure van


Before I used to have my car turned on to charge my phone at least. And for bigger electronics, we would use a power station, very practical but too heavy to carry around. In our B-Van, we can charge anything, even when the vehicle is off. No car battery going out that we have to worry about.


This is a complete game-changer – and I’m amazed we’re actually living this life!


That’s how all the electricity of this tiny home on wheels runs, so we get to use the kitchen amenities as well as the water heater, anytime.

Off-grid luxury I tell you. Luxury!


Coffee B-Van


A Digital Nomad’s Dream

By the way, we don’t have any reception in some areas of Zion National Park.


The good news, I still have access to my emails, thanks to the WiFi booster integrated into this portable house. Yes, I can connect to the Internet almost anywhere I travel, even in remote places like here. With Starlink Satellite Wi-Fi included, we now have super fast internet even in the most rural of places. This is like something out of the future!


Before I used to plan, download Google Maps, and my music playlist, and call hotels and campgrounds to make reservations (and all the struggle to contact them when I didn’t have reception…).


This comfortable lifestyle is less worrying, and in a way, less expensive! It is a good investment for the long term, as we go out and travel at least one time per week. So much of our time has freed up to spend on what we actually want to be doing – enjoying quality time together outdoors.


Outdoor scenery driving a camper van built by Bemyvan


After a quick stop in town to grab a coffee at a local cafe in La Verkin, I take the steering wheel and we find a cool spot for the night by a lake called Kolob Reservoir, surrounded by forests, deer, and ducks.


Because of how remote, beautiful, and calm this place is, we decide to stay here for the next day. Perfect spot for fishing! Oh, and the kayak too!!


Joyful man catching a fish from a lake

The Simple Things in Life

We set out the camping chairs, and enjoy our dinner freshly cooked from the trouts we caught, and the vegetables I grilled on the pan (asparagus, mushrooms, and spinach with homemade spices).


Sunset scenery with van

This kitchen is very pleasant to use for cooking – plenty of space, good ventilation, and bonus, a nice view of the lake from the window. And on top of that, a yummy van-cooked meal!


James sets out the video projector for a movie night. We invite our neighbors over, whom we just met from fishing, who seemingly had the same idea as us. They came with their RV, a sweet family with their joyful golden retriever.


Vanlife seems more social than I thought it would be. You go out and meet nice people that share the same passion for the outdoors and life as you do. How wonderful.


Vanlife family enjoying a bomfire with kid



While my friend James reads a book with the bed’s night light on, I fall asleep like a rock on the way-too-comfy-to-be-real-bed. A big change compared to the camping air mattresses we were used to for so many years!


Now, I get to be next to the outdoors, not in a hotel room, cut out from nature. We have plenty of space with my friend to spread out and sleep conveniently or cuddle.


Comfy sweet little home on wheels. We love you!


Bemyvan pet travel promaster


The night is silent, except for a few animals wandering around. A great opportunity for some nocturnal observation directly from the van’s abundance of windows! I feel definitively safer here than in a tent. Also, we are not bothered by the noise from people partying in a campground like I’ve experienced a few times in the past, which is also very nice, and a huge upgrade I might add!


View at dawn of a peaceful lake


What would a day living in a home on wheels look like for you?


You can experience it yourself today with our B-Vans available for rent on GoCamp and Outdoorsy!


For more information on how to get your own B-Van, semi-customized and tailored to your wishes, contact us!


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