All the essentials you need in a home on wheels

It’s true – there’s no place like home! But what if we told you, you could travel far and wide and still feel at home while roaming on four wheels? Our B-Vans are built for travelers who value comfort, quality design, and expert craftsmanship. Here are some essential features to ensure your camper van is not just a van but a comfortable home away from home!




Be-van ample storage




Cooking and Kitchen facilities

We’re big foodies over at Bemyvan, so we know the importance of being able to whip up your own delicious, healthy meals on the road. Skip the drive-thru and meet your inner chef! Having a functioning kitchen in your camper van will uplevel your experience and genuinely make you feel like you’re living in your tiny home on wheels vs. just traveling from place to place. 



All our B-Vans include a van kitchen, including efficient induction cooktops, refrigerators to keep your meals fresh and beverages cold, and a deep sink to keep your dishes clean and space tidy, not to mention ample storage.



Make sure to check out our brand new B-Loft build for a revamped kitchen with an elevated fridge at a smarter height, a portable cooktop, a microwave, and an outdoor kitchen extension allowing you to dine under the stars. Travel in style and comfort! 




Be-Loft extended kitchen outdoors by Bemyvan





Ample Storage Space

Space is at a premium while you’re on the road, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite gear and home goods just because you’re traveling. Our B-Vans feature ample drawers and cabinets that help keep everything organized and within reach. There’s no shortage of them on any of our builds. Many clients tell us they don’t need half of the storage space (because there are that many nooks and crannies to use!)





Vanlife storage in a Be-van




A Comfortable Bed

What’s better than jumping into bed after a long day of adventures? Especially after hours of driving! Your bed needs to be comfortable enough to ensure you get a good night’s sleep, so you can hit the road rejuvenated and wake up fresh the next day. All our B-Vans feature deluxe memory foam mattresses that will ensure you count sheep comfortably under the stars. No need to build your bed each time you want to nap or sleep, we provide full-time beds for you to feel like in a real bedroom!



Our newest builds, the Sprinter 170 B-Home, and the B-Loft feature Queen-size RV memory foam mattresses – giving that much more room to stretch out and catch up on much-needed rest.




Creativity & Stillness in a B-Van enjoying nature




Solar Panels + Lithium Battery system

Whether you’re camping or driving, having a reliable power system will charge your devices, heat your water, keep the lights on and your refrigerator running, even when the engine is turned off. This gives your B-Van the edge as it’s a 24/7 reliable shelter in any season. Stay warm or cool, and stay connected via Starlink internet, even in the most off-grid locations.



Our B-Adventure builds are perfect for weekend warriors that use the van for camping and traveling off-grid. Built on a Promaster 2500, it’s a little more compact but just as powerful and homely.




Bemyvan DC DC charger

Satellite internet

Starlink is a game-changer, allowing you to take your life off-grid. You’ll be able to comfortably work, stay connected with family, stream movies and games, and even build a business from your van! It’s such an exciting time to be a Vanlifer, especially when you can pull up next to a remote lake in the middle of nowhere and still be able to finish your studies or projects. Life is about balance, isn’t it?







A personal bathroom

Without a bathroom, a house wouldn’t be home, would it? That’s why our B-Van bathrooms promise all the creature comforts of home, including a full-size private shower in our B-Loft with on-demand, high-pressure hot water, and built-in toilets! Never have to worry about pulling up to the rest-stop bathroom again.







A cozy lounge area 

Whether you want to entertain new friends you’ve met at a Vanlife gathering or you want to wine and dine with your partner next to Yosemite, it’s essential to have a cozy lounge area that you can kick back and relax in.


With a dining table, super comfy cushions, and oversized windows to let the crisp air in, you’ll love the living room of the B-Van! It also doubles as a smart work-space, and the B-Loft includes a built-in screen, perfect for taking calls or watching movies.




cozy be-van living area




Heating + Cooling

To ensure comfort in all seasons, you’ll need a reliable heating and cooling system that works off-grid (especially important when you’re traveling with pets!) B-Vans feature a system that will keep you toasty in winter conditions, warm up your van and pour a hot van-made hot chocolate as you bundle up for the evening.  Stay cool, comfortable, and out of the heat in the warmer months, and freshen up with a cold shower on hot summer days.




Cats living the Vanlife travel with cats Bemyvan B-Adventure Sprinter




Personal touches

Of course, you’re the most essential feature here! What makes you feel most at home, whether it’s your favorite books, plant collection, or vintage guitar – bring them along. Make yourself at home. Stay a while. You’ll get to choose your cabinet colors, flooring design, and kitchen splashbacks in the build process to make it your perfect fit.



Your custom-built van is truly a reflection of you. Bring whatever you need to make your space your dream home on wheels.



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