B-Vans: The Ultimate Outdoor Activity Companions

You’ve just had a full-on work day. The clock has been ticking extra slowly while you check the surf report to find that the conditions outside are just right for testing your new board. Lucky for you, your trusty B-Van is ready to escape whenever you are! Today we share a bit more about Vanlife for your favorite outdoor activities.



Here are a few ways our happy B-Van owners enjoy their favorite outdoor hobbies in their backyards and beyond.



Surf’s up!


Oceanside surfing with a van vanlife surfs up



Surfing is a favorite after-work activity among many Vanlifers (especially on the beautiful West Coast!) There’s nothing like stocking up the van with your favorite gear, yummy ingredients to make a lovely oceanside dinner on your personal van stove, and getting ready to rip on some serious waves until the sun goes down. Our B-Vans offer plenty of storage for all your favorite surf gear and more. Being able to jump in after work and go wherever your heart desires is a huge perk and a favorite reason for many Vanlifers to adopt a lifestyle of adventure!



We highly recommend the app, Windy, to check out the surf conditions before you go, and you can check out other recommended apps for Vanlife, here. With an off-grid adventure van, you can choose to stay in one place for long periods of time or travel from place to place, depending on the swell and conditions. Having a B-Van also allows you to explore and meet fellow surfers in different places while staying connected to the surfing community – it’s a match made in heaven for a surfer’s lifestyle!



A hiker’s dream


Girl hiking in the mountains vanlife b-van



There’s something spectacular about being able to park (and sleep) right next to the trailhead of your favorite hike (check out Alltrails for the best hikes near you.) At Bemyvan we really pride ourselves in making off-grid adventure vans built for the love of the outdoors. 



Traveling with offgrid adventure vans like our B-Vans is a memorable way to experience more remote hiking spots and even camp next to the trailhead, with all the comforts of home on four wheels (even a hot shower and personal toilet – that’s right, no more scary pit toilets!) You don‘t have to worry about leaving at the crack of dawn and hitting traffic, and lugging around all your gear is a thing of the past our favorite perk!  Make the most of your time outside and begin your hike as the sun rises with no hassle, and only wild nature and fresh mountain air to look forward to!


B-Vans for sale


Getting zen

We also love having a B-Van for more simple activities like Yoga and Breathwork near the beach. Having your own little zen space in the van can help you stay focused while you do meditation or breathwork, and the fresh air and proximity to nature provide a calming atmosphere for your Vanlife yoga practice.



Lakeside meditation



The silence can help you stay in the present moment and really focus on your breath and asanas, with whatever views you feel like for your daily practice! The fact that you can move your practice location so freely in your little home on wheels is amazing – whether you’re feeling zen on a mountaintop or you prefer the silence of Joshua Trees. We recommend the app Insight Timer for its generous collection of meditation tracks from renowned teachers across the globe.


Look up!


B-Van Nighttime Joshua Tree



Stargazing is another outdoor activity not to be missed with your van! It takes us back to simpler times and reminds us to slow down. Staring up from your super cozy, memory foam bed to the cosmos is an experience unlike any other. Crack the windows open, make a hot cup of cocoa in your personal van kitchen and bring extra blankets to get cozy with your favorite human under a rising moon. Who needs Netflix ‘n Chill when you can Vanlife ‘n Chill?!



Riding dirty


Man biking through the mountains after a vanlife trip




Biking is another favorite outdoor activity of B-Vanlifers and B-Vans have plenty of storage and space, you can bring all your necessary gear and supplies without stress and explore new trails to your heart’s content. Many B-Vanlifers will use apps like Harvest Hosts to experience overnight adventures on another level. We have a full list of handy Vanlife apps, here!


Let it snow

We love snow activities and sports with a B-Van because you can sleep in the van with your super cozy off-grid heating system and wake up at the base of the mountain while being the first one to hit the slopes! Gone are the days of spending too much on Airbnbs with page-long cleaning rules and overpriced hotels with few amenities. You’ll have all the comforts of home to keep you cozy on the mountain!



snowman on a winters day in the forest vanline



Another perk? The fact that you can get warm and toasty after hitting the slopes with your van stove! Hot cocoa hits differently when you’re out in the snowy mountains with your van’s off-grid heating system on full blast. Having an off-grid adventure van also means access to more remote mountains with fewer crowds to share the slopes with! While you’re here, check out our Winter Sports blog too – we like to think it’s your one-stop shop for all things Winter Sports and Vanlife this season!



Girl cheering with two vans Sprinter and ProMaster built by Bemyvan



The advantage of Vanlife for your favorite outdoor activities is that you can customize it to fit your lifestyle, whether you’re a full-time explorer, weekend warrior, or after-work adventurer. There’s something for everyone down the road and B-Vans provide you with the freedom and flexibility to enjoy it all this winter.


Stay warm, be well, and adventure hard with a B-Van!



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