Be-Van closeup: The Kitchen

Let’s get up close and personal with another one of our favorite Be-Van areas – the kitchen! In this article, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of the Be-Van kitchen space, why it’s important to have a fully-equipped kitchen on the road, and how our builds pave the way for cozy, functional, beautifully designed homes on wheels.




Marble splashback designed by Bemyvan




What makes our builds stand out from the rest? 

We’re glad you asked! Our builds were made with comfort and functionality in mind. Depending on which build you decide is best for you, with our team of expert builders, you’ll enjoy well-thought-out features and Vanlife essentials for life on four wheels.  A few of our favorite kitchen features are:



A kitchen extension

The kitchen extension is a simple addition to your build, but it’ll make all the difference in turning your kitchen into an even more spacious area for cooking, chopping, cleaning, and serving. We highly recommend adding this on, as it makes the look and feel of your kitchen that much more enjoyable.





Extended Be-Home kitchen built by Bemyvan




An induction cooktop

You might just discover your inner Julia Child on the road! The two-burner induction cooktop is a joy to use. It’s simple, heats up quickly and efficiently, and you can create culinary masterpieces once you start experimenting! Many of our clients have shared that cooking in their Be-Van kitchen quickly became one of their favorite Vanlife activities.


You can have the cooktop built-in the furniture like on our Be-Adventures and Be-Homes, or portable for even more space in the kitchen, like on our Be-Lofts!




Be-Van kitchen built by Bemyvan

Outdoor foldable table

Our brand-new Be-Loft build boasts an outdoor, built-in foldable table, so your van kitchen extends to the great outdoors! Sip your coffee or read a book as you take in the sunrises and sunsets of your grand adventures.




Be-Loft extended kitchen outdoors by Bemyvan




Splash-back designs 

Be-Vans are known and loved for their beautiful designs. Whenever we’re on the road, showing off our iconic builds at Vanlife gatherings, jaws drop when customers walk through our vans and see our designs. We’re very proud of them! Choose from marble or tiled splashbacks in your kitchen so it’s custom-designed by you and your tastes.




Bemyvan Be-Van kitchen




Abundant windows + lighting

Let there be light! Nobody wants to cook in the dark. You’ll enjoy ample lighting and ventilation from the abundance of windows throughout the van and warm, adjustable lighting throughout the vehicle that’s easily adjusted by the van’s control panel.




Be-Van windows and lighting in kitchen




A deep kitchen sink and pull-out spray faucet

Ahh, the simple things in life! The deep sink allows you to wash as you go, and we all know that’s a must when you transition to tiny living. The spray faucet means you’ll wash up quickly and efficiently with hot or cold water on tap. Now that the dishes are done, what’s for dessert?




Home kitchen B-Van




Safety first

All Be-Vans come complete with an emergency fire extinguisher. Safety first, to enjoy your vanlife worry-free.



Interior of a B-Van Bemyvan workspace and cozy living




40/40 Water tanks

The beauty of our latest Promaster builds is that they’re built with custom-made 40/40 water tanks. It means traveling with ultimate convenience as you’ll have a 40-gallon freshwater tank and a 40-gallon greywater tank, including a display monitor to show you how soon you’ll need to fill back up the fresh and empty your grey. You’ll have plenty of water to use for everyday washing and cooking without worrying about filling up too frequently.




Keep it chilled

Small but mighty, you’ll be surprised how much can actually be stored in your Be-Van fridge and freezer combo! Use it to stock up on groceries or store your meal preps throughout the week, allowing you to save money on eating out in restaurants.




Our newest build, the Be-Loft, has the fridge at an even more desirable height for better posture (a request by our community!) Check out the brand-new Be-Loft build and all its exciting new features while you’re here!




Be-Loft kitchen




Generous storage space

There’s no shortage of drawer and cabinet space – whether you choose a Be-Home, a Be-Loft, a Be-Adventure, or our 4-Wheel Drive Sprinter build – rest assured you will have space a-plenty for all your kitchen gadgets, cookware, and ingredients! 




Cabinets and extra storage space off-grid adventure vans




Dinner with a view

Chances are you decided to pack up your life into a van for the love of the outdoors (that’s why we did it!) The abundance of kitchen and living space windows means wining and dining with nature’s finest. Whether towering peaks or a mountainous stream are out your door, there’s something so special and memorable about dining in the great outdoors. You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime as you enjoy your van-cooked meals!




Meaningful connections with Bemyvan friends




Optional: Add a microwave

Microwaves come in handy when you want to heat something quickly without making too much of a mess! Some clients prefer to have one, while others leave it out of their builds – it’s an option to consider for sheer convenience! (The microwave is included in the Be-Loft build).



Practical for Daily use

Comfort and convenience are our priorities. Having a fully-equipped kitchen in your van means you don’t have to worry about finding a place to eat out every day, and you can commit to nutritious meals cooked with love. You can whip up a delicious, van-cooked meal in your personal kitchen whenever you feel like it! No more Denny’s stops or unhealthy fast food when traveling through small town U.S.A – just delicious, balanced meals that you’ll feel proud of making for yourself!




Fully equipped Bemyvan kitchen




Get Creative

Cooking in your van kitchen is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your meals. You can experiment with different locally sourced ingredients and recipes. Stock up your van drawers with all the essentials like spices, flour, and oils. Meal-prep and stock your refrigerator with healthy alternatives to fast food you’ll usually find on your drive. Make sure to check our blog article on The Do’s & Don’t’s of Vanlife Cooking for inspiration!



Save Money

Dining out is enjoyable, but it can empty the wallet quickly! Having a fully-equipped kitchen in your van allows you to save money by cooking meals at home instead of going out every night. Plus, meal-prepping will save you loads in the long run. Instead, you can use that money towards experiencing awesome outdoor activities with your van!




Bemyvan invest in a camper van




Having a fully-equipped kitchen is an essential part of living the Vanlife. It provides convenience, nutritious, healthy meals, and the opportunity to get creative in your home on wheels.



If you’re planning on hitting the road in a Be-Van, don’t forget to stock up the fridge and bring some recipes! We’d love to know what you’re cooking up in the van on Instagram, too!



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