Top 12 features of off-grid adventure vans

By now, you know how much of an uplevel having a Be-Van in your life is. You’ll enjoy a functional, cozy, safe home on wheels to explore to your heart’s content. You’ll be able to rent it out when you’re not using it and have a reliable source of income. You can use it for the weekends or dwell in it for months at a time, from coast to coast. Here, we share our top 12 features of off-grid adventure vans and how our Be-Vans might be the perfect option for you!




B-Adventure with open doors off-grid adventure van




An off-grid power system

The last thing you want is to worry about getting stranded in the middle of the woods! All our Be-Vans have robust, reliable off-grid power systems, including battery packs and solar power. Too, you can go a week at a time off-grid while still enjoying hot showers, fast Internet, and luxury living on wheels. 




Off-grid solar system above a B-Van



Our Be-Adventure and Be-Lofts were built for beginner Vanlifers and veteran travelers alike. The power system is straightforward and easy to keep track of using the Victron Connect app. Stress-free adventures are on the horizon – all you need to worry about is the mountain route and stocking up your van kitchen!



A homely kitchen space

A favorite feature of many Be-Vanlifers is the van kitchen. Enjoy all the amenities of home in the sleek, stylish space. You may even discover your inner chef while camping in the Lost Sierra! Our Be-Adventure has a compact, super cold refrigerator and freezer – with plenty of room to stock up after a Trader Joe’s run. 




Off-grid adventure van kitchen B-Van




The van kitchen features an induction cooktop, ample storage space, and options for a kitchen extension or a microwave (why not both?). Enjoy a convenient, deep sink with one of those handy pull-out faucets. Believe it or not, it makes it enjoyable to do the dishes! You’ll enjoy plenty of room for your cutlery, pots + pans, spices, and knick-knacks. After fully stocking your kitchen, make sure to check out our blog article on The Do’s & Dont’s of Vanlife Cooking to inspire your inner chef!



A cozy night’s sleep

Adventuring is exhausting at times! Good thing our Be-Vans feature comfortable memory foam mattresses made for long days and nights on the road. You’ll enjoy good quality sleep, and you’ll stay warm within your insulated home on wheels. 




Creativity & Stillness in a B-Van enjoying nature




Let your off-grid heating system run all night long if you wish! Your van temperature is easily adjustable, and you can use a timer on the heater. We found we usually didn’t need the heater running all night. Pop it on for an hour and let the heat stay in the van through your reliable insulation system! Add on a deluxe bedding set for a cozy, warm duvet. You won’t believe you’re sleeping in a van!



Insulation + heating 


The Be-Adventure stays nice and cool or warm and toasty, depending on what season you’re traveling in and what you prefer! The heating and cooling systems are super easy to use. They are beneficial if you’re traveling with a beloved pet on board. 




Off-grid adventure van heating system in B-Adventure




It’s essential to have an off-grid cooling system, especially in the summer months if you plan to travel with your pets! The insulated walls are expertly crafted so that your off-grid adventure van performs in all four seasons. We built the Be-Adventure so you can enjoy a compact, luxury home on wheels. It’s easy to park and maneuver. The Be-Adventure is genuinely a joy to live in!




A safe home on a solid chassis

Safety first! You can rest assured that you and your precious cargo will be safe as it’s built on a solid Dodge Ram Promaster 2500 Chassis. The Ram Promaster isn’t only sleek and stylish, it’s a reliable, heavy-duty, super safe way to live on the road – and safety is a priority, especially when you’re traveling as a solo Vanlifer. 





A cozy and safe off-grid Bemyvan B-Adventure van





With an alarm system, the Victron Connect app to keep track of your power, and Starlink internet plugged in to keep you connected in even the most remote locations, you can savor your freedom while knowing your van has always got your back. Welcome home. Welcome to freedom!



Your own personal bathroom

Say goodbye to icky pit toilets and lukewarm bag showers in noisy, crowded, shared campgrounds. The Be-Home‘s bathroom is an adventurer’s dream. We’re talking high-pressure hot showers with a pull-out shower handle. There’s also a handy chemical toilet that can be stored in the bathroom or under the chairs, and an easy-to-clean finish on the shower walls and slide-out bathroom door. 




Off-grid adventure van personal bathroom with shower




Nothing was spared when we created the layout for our Be-Vans! We want you to be able to truly live comfortably and securely as you adventure to your heart’s content.




Custom 30/30 water tanks

At Bemyvan, we had custom water tanks created with an impressive capacity; 30 gallons of fresh water and 30 gallons of grey water. This is a big deal! It makes it easy to track when it‘s time to fill up or find a greywater dumping station. Check out our blog on Vanlife apps for help in finding these stations, affordable gas, and more!


Bemyvan off-grid outdoor shower B-Adventure




The 30/30 tanks are standard on all our vans – whether the Be-Loft, Be-Adventure, Be-Home is more your speed, we made sure not to overlook this, so your adventures are seamless and stress-free!



Ample storage space

Downsizing for Vanlife can be intimidating, yes, especially if you’re transitioning to full-time Van dwelling! But the good news is you’ll have plenty of room to store your favorite things that will make you feel at home. 




Cabinets and extra storage space off-grid adventure vans




Whether it’s your outdoor activity gear like surfboards, skis, and yoga mats – or cookware, candles, or book and crystal collection, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with just how much space the van has! There are multiple nooks, crannies, cabinets, and a spacious garage for you to bring whatever you need to feel comfortable, equipped, and cozy on the road!



Interior design + lighting

Quality design and impressive craftsmanship are what we’re known for! So often, when we’re at Vanlife expos, customers think they want a Sprinter, but then they take a tour of our Be-Vans, and their jaws drop. 




Homely warm lighting interior vanlife design




The sleek wood finishes, the warm + inviting lighting and abundance of windows, the stylish marble or tile splashbacks in the kitchen, and your choice of laminate flooring REALLY make your van pop with character, warmth, and good energy. Our team of expert carpenters and designers put so much love into each and every build. We know you’ll love what you see – and if you just so happen to swing through Viva Las Vegas, make sure to visit our warehouse for a tour and say hello! 



Abundant windows

Our Be-Vans have windows professionally installed, so you won’t feel like you’re just sleeping in a utility van with no character. You’ll be fully immersed in nature! In fact, you can even install a sunroof to uplevel your experience further and star gaze from your van kitchen. 




Window with sunshine in an off-grid B-Van




Let the fresh air in, and keep the bugs out – the windows have easy-to-use screens, too. They’re another favorite feature of our happy customers – and we always love to see the views they’re enjoying from their windows! Do you have Vanlife adventures you’d like to share with us, too? Contact us today to be featured on our Instagram – we love connecting with our vanlife community! 



Workspace and reliable Internet

Cozy bed – tick. Homely kitchen – tick. Personal bathroom space – tick! But what makes the Be-Adventure and the Be-Loft the ULTIMATE off-grid adventure vans are that you also have reliable home offices on wheels, too. 



Enjoy the living room of the Be-Van with its cozy couch cushions! It doubles as a dedicated workspace for entrepreneurs, artists, digital nomads, and travel nurses who need a place to plug in their gadgets. Allow yourself to be inspired by the stunning views of the highest mountaintop or the moon rising above the ocean, visible from the ample windows. Customers always tell us how much they love the cushions in the living room space!





Interior of a B-Van Bemyvan workspace and cozy living




Watch what kind of magic you’ll create as you get inspired by your adventures and connect with like-minded humans! With the power of Starlink, you’ll enjoy super-fast, reliable internet in even the most remote locations. It’s a digital nomad’s dream come true!



Comfort and design made your way

At Bemyvan, all our builds are semi-customizable. We work with you to create your dream off-grid adventure van that doubles as a home on wheels. Be blown away by a homely interior design that reflects what you love. Whether you’re just planning to be a weekend warrior or you’re going full-time down Route 66 for a year, we’ve got you covered! When you invest in a Be-Van, you’re not only signing up for a life of adventure. 




Exploration and Creativity in a B-Van



You’re investing in a vehicle that you can use as reliable income when rented out. On Airbnb, vans are going upwards of $250 a night! In fact, we have a whole blog article about how investing in a van can earn you money here.



Off-grid adventure vans like our Be-Adventures and Be-Lofts are everything. We know the trajectory of your life will change once you adopt a lifestyle of adventure and freedom. If you’ve made it this far in the article, check out our Virtual Builder today!



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