How to be eco-friendly with Vanlife in 2023

Let’s face it – the world is changing rapidly, and we all need to do our part in saving Planet Earth. It’s our responsibility to keep mother nature beautiful and attainable for generations to come. What better way to do that than by embracing Vanlife? Living and traveling in a home on wheels allows you to explore your bountiful backyard with abundant opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint. Today, we share eight ways to be eco-friendly with Vanlife in 2023! 



If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line van to call home, look no further than our B-Van builds. You’ll enjoy all the amenities of home in a compact, comfortable package that will indeed teach you how to live with less, be mindful of your resources, and enjoy the ride while doing your part in keeping Planet Earth beautiful and clean.




Vanlife couple and their dog take in the views




Use solar panels 

Solar panels are the way of the future, and our builds come complete with reliable, robust solar power that will leave you happily and comfortably living off-grid. Between the solar panels and the off-grid battery system, you’ll be able to keep your lights on, charge your devices, cook up yummy meals and crank up the AC, even in the most remote locations! You’ll do your part in using intelligent, efficient power options, and it feels good to know you’re contributing in this way.




B-Van parked next to the coast for adventures and a sunset




Save water

Water is our most precious resource, and we must conserve it wherever possible. If you’re living in the Southwest United States, you may already be familiar with the water conservation strategies in place. Lake Mead in Las Vegas is shrinking yearly. It’s a wake-up call for us to be water-smart and mindful of how we’re using (and often wasting) our most important resource. Our B-Vans come equipped with 40/40 water tanks to inform you about your water usage.



Knowing how much water you have in tow means you’re more mindful of every last drop. You know it can’t go to waste. With 40 gallons and freshwater and 40 gallons of grey on latest builds, you’ll always know when to fill up the freshwater or dump your greywater. The generous tank size is enough to enjoy hot showers, wash your dishes, and stay hydrated for even a week off-grid!




Be-Home shower wet lit by Bemyvan



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Eat locally sourced food

One of the great joys of living and roaming in a B-Van is cooking up a storm in the van kitchen! Gather ingredients from local shops and farmer’s markets you find along the road to support local farmers and small businesses. Eating locally sourced food is a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint while contributing to the economies of the destinations you drive through. It’s a win-win; you’re guaranteed fresh, delicious food every time, and chances are you’ll meet some friendly people who will point you in the direction of hidden local gems to explore!





Fully equipped Bemyvan kitchen





Choose biodegradable cleaning products

A massive benefit of Vanlife (there are so many!) is that you have a more compact space to keep clean rather than a giant home to maintain. It’s even more enjoyable to keep tidy because it’s your special space on the road. Your mobile sanctuary. Make sure to buy eco-friendly cleaning products to keep your van spick and span. Look for non-toxic, biodegradable products. It’s even easier to make your own. Life hack: a simple and effective all-purpose cleaning spray can be made with white vinegar and lemon juice!





Marble splashback designed by Bemyvan




Ditch single-use plastics

Our B-Vans come complete with plenty of storage space for all of your necessities. Take advantage of the kitchen space’s ample drawers and bring reusable containers on your journey! Single-use plastics are a huge contributor to pollution and should be avoided whenever possible. Having a compact home makes you more mindful of how much plastic is actually used and wasted in our everyday lives. Bringing along reusable containers is also great when you meal-prep delicious, fresh food in your cozy van kitchen! 




Support local businesses

Next time you roll through small town USA, support small businesses and contribute to the communities you explore. They need your support, and chances are you’ll need what they’re selling. The big-box online retailers might be convenient, but often, the livelihood of small business owners depends on tourism. Buying local also means less single-use plastic waste and fewer gas-guzzling delivery trucks on the road driving cross-country.





Living space in the Sprinter




Become a Minimalist

Living in a van means you have less space to work with, but once you part ways with many of your material possessions, we think you’ll realize how much they were actually weighing you down! The less stuff you have, the less energy you’ll need to power your van. You’ll bring only what you need and love, and it’s a beautiful way to live without attachments. Our B-Vans still have enough storage space to bring along everything you need to feel right at home, with generous garage space for all our favorite outdoor activity gear, too! Happy B-Home owners Patrick and Mandy share their stories and how Vanlife made them become better humans, here!





Minimalism storage B-Loft





Leave no trace

Mother Nature is our greatest gift. Wherever you have the privilege of traveling, respect it as if it’s your own home. Leave no trace, pick up your trash and pack it with you, and keep the land intact so it may be accessible and enjoyable for generations to come.





Couple with dog traveling with their adventure van in the desert




There you have it! A few simple ways to live an eco-friendly life on the road. We know that these simple lifestyle tweaks will make your journey that much more enjoyable, and Planet Earth will thank you too.




Do you have any eco-friendly Vanlife hacks to share? We’d love to hear about them over on our Instagram!




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