How to choose your camper van builder

The open road is calling, and you’re ready to answer! You’ve been dreaming of embarking on a journey of a lifetime in a shiny new camper van, but before you can hit the road, there are a few things to consider before starting any build.


Today we share 7 key things to remember when you choose your campervan builder!





B-Loft interior 2023 Nora




What are your needs?

First and foremost, what are your needs? Are you planning exciting excursions as a Vanlife weekend warrior, or do you plan to live in it full-time? How many people will be traveling with you? What are your non-negotiables in terms of amenities



At Bemyvan, we know every person and every build will have unique needs, so we offer a wide range of features to semi-customize your camper van! We’ve got you covered from indoor showers to fully-equipped van kitchens to off-grid systems with powerful lithium batteries and solar panels that will have you enjoying hot showers for a week in the most remote locations. We want you to feel at home on the road. 



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Let’s talk about finances

Do your research and find a company that offers the best value for your money. A higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the best quality, and a super-low deal may be too good to be true! Always look for quality and make sure your builder has a good reputation. Remember too, a camper van is a worthy investment! There are some awesome ways to earn extra income with a camper van in 2023, and we’ve listed a few of them, here!



We have financing options available and know that this is a life-changing commitment! The team will work with you to create your dream home on wheels that’s comfortable and functional. We create builds that are sturdy, safe, and that will be reliable for years to come.




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Check for client reviews 

There’s no better way to gauge a van builder’s performance than by hearing from those who have already worked with them! Look for testimonials and reviews to understand the company’s strengths and weaknesses. 


You can read our Google reviews and hear stories and feedback directly from our clients traveling in their B-Vans in our blog series, Humans of Vanlife. 





Full-time Vanlife with Marcy and AMy Bemyvan clients




Value quality Craftsmanship

Your camper van will be your home on wheels. It is essential to choose a builder who takes pride in its craftsmanship and the best quality materials. A well-built camper van will look great on the outside (so much so that fellow campers will frequently ask for a tour!) and stand the test of time.



You want to enjoy your adventures without stress for years to come. Our expert van builders will work alongside you to bring your van vision to life. We take pride in what we do, and you will feel it as soon as you meet the team and tour the Bemyvan warehouse!





Indoor shower and van interior River



What’s the brand’s reputation?

A company’s reputation speaks volumes about its commitment to excellence. Look for builders who have a solid track record in the industry and have earned the respect of their peers. Multiple Vanlife Gatherings are happening throughout the year where builders showcase their work. 



If you make it down to one, you will understand the level of quality, not to mention the community vibes we build! We have become synonymous with quality and innovation in the camper van world, much like Winnebago is to RVs.


Our passion for creating exceptional camper vans is evident in every build, making us a top choice for discerning adventurers who want comfort, reliability, and class on every road they take!





Cozy bright home on wheels bemyvan




Customer Service before and after you drive off

Building your dream camper van is a collaborative process, and you’ll want to work with a company that values your input and works alongside you. You want to be kept in the loop every step of the way, and we make sure you are! We are responsive, communicative, and genuinely care about your satisfaction. It”s a benefit to working with a small business such as ourselves. You’ll be able to communicate directly with the builders and founders, which is a huge plus when you need assistance!



A company that goes above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with your camper van is one worth considering. Having the build done is one thing, keeping in touch and providing support after the build is done are as important, if not more! We ensure you are taken care of before and after you pick up your keys! 





B-Home customer service Bemyvan roadside with Antoine




Word of Mouth

Last but not least, word of mouth speaks volumes! If a family member, friend, or fellow traveler has had a positive experience, it’s worth looking into. Personal recommendations will help you find a company that aligns with your needs and values.




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