How to maintain your home on wheels for daily use

When we created the first B-Van, the goal was to create a super comfortable home on wheels that’s as easy to live in as it is to maintain. Whether you’re an absolute newbie to the Vanlife or a seasoned nomadic veteran trading in your RV for something more compact, our builds are super easy to learn, enjoy, and maintain. When you invest in a B-Van, you’re not only investing in a well-thought-out adventure vehicle, but you’re also investing in a reliable, sturdy, ultra-cozy home on wheels. Life will never be the same. Be prepared for the greatest adventures of your lifetime! Today we’ll share a few simple tips on maintaining your home on wheels for daily use, and keeping it functional for many exciting years to come! 




Interior of the B-Explorer




Your van’s control panel

We want you to spend more of your valuable time enjoying the outdoors and less of it trying to figure out how to use your van! That’s why we’ve included an easy-to-use control panel in the heart of your home on wheels. Think of it as your little spaceship control zone. With the panel, you can adjust the lighting, turn on your water pressure + heater, fan, and so much more. We’ll walk you through the van’s controls when you pick up your B-Van in sunny Las Vegas (or over a video call if we’re shipping it to you – we ship to all states in the Continental United States!)




Sunset cooking B-Home




Easily monitor energy usage

The B-Van was built for the digital age. Simply connect your phone via Bluetooth to the Victron Connect app and keep track of how your van’s power is tracking. Take out the guesswork. By using the Victron Connect app, you can easily adjust your charging settings, check the status of your van’s batteries, and monitor your energy usage, all from your mobile device.




Extended kitchen in a B-Van built by Bemyvan




Power up and save with solar

The benefits of your B-Van’s 400w solar panels are far and wide. You’ll enjoy a reliable, environmentally friendly source of power that’ll keep your lights on, your heater nice and toasty, and your refrigerator ice cold. As long as there’s sunlight, your panels will generate electricity and be able to stay powered even off-grid. Perfect for longer stays in the heart of the outdoors, without relying on traditional sources like generators or the grid. Since solar panels generate electricity for free, there’s no need to pay for electricity to power your B-Van’s electrical systems! This will help B-van owners save money in the long run, especially if you use your van often (and believe us – you’ll want to use it all the time!)


Make sure to check out our newest Sprinter build, the AWD B-Explorer for off-grid, all-terrain capabilities never before seen on a B-Van!




AWD B-Explorer ultimate off-grid adventure van


Manage your water supply

We’ve taken the guesswork out regarding your van’s water management. With a custom-built 40-gallon freshwater tank and 40-gallon greywater tank in the B-Home and B-Loft,  you’ll always know when you’re running low on H20 thanks to the handy water meter, right next to your van’s deep kitchen sink. The tanks are the perfect size for accommodating hot showers in nature, washing up your dishes after a yummy van-cooked meal, and staying hydrated right from your tap (B-Vans includes a water filtration system in the kitchen, too!) Make sure to download the app iOverlander before you depart so you can easily find fill-up stations and greywater dump sites along your journey.





B-Van shower


Keep your fridge functional

Your 12v van fridge will keep your delicious van-cooked meals fresh, and your beverages ice cold! To get the most out of your experience, we do recommend a few tips and tricks like choosing a well-ventilated location that is protected from direct sunlight. Make sure to allow hot food to cool down first before you put it in the refrigerator and don’t leave the door open for longer than necessary. Defrost your refrigerator when a layer of ice forms and clean dust and dirt from the condenser at regular intervals. Simple maintenance will keep everything in order. Easy!





Cozy vanlife kitchen space B-Loft





Toilet duties

Not the most glamorous subject, but we needed to include it here! All B-Vans have the option of including a chemical, portable toilet, and we recommend this feature, especially if you’re headed off-grid where there aren’t as many amenities! The toilet is easily stored in the indoor bathroom shower cabin or under the seats, depending on your build type. You’ll need to find a designated dump station to do your dirty work, and we recommend having a pair of gloves on hand for whenever that happens! Most permanent campsites and caravan sites usually have a chemical toilet disposal point. Again, iOverlander will come in handy and let you know the nearest disposal point. This app will become your new Vanlife best friend! 



Our newest build, the gorgeous B-Loft includes a built-in flushable toilet in an RV wet bath. This is a game changer for convenience. Get in touch with our team of expert Van builders today, and they’ll walk you through all of our exciting options!





RV Wet Bath in the Be-Loft built by Bemyvan





Tell us about your van project!




Routine maintenance 

Your B-Van is so much more than an adventure vehicle. It serves as your roaming sanctuary, too! Not only will it need basic maintenance like oil changes and routine check-ups like any other car, but make sure to care for it as if it’s your own home. Stay organized, remove dust, keep things tidy, use eco-friendly Vanlife solutions, and take advantage of the ample storage space. This is your home on wheels, after all! 





beautiful vanlife sunset





Once you hit the road for the first time, you’ll have a handy user guide if you forget something. We know you’re about to embark on the journey of a lifetime, and adopting a lifestyle of adventure comes with many exciting unknowns! Remember that our team of professional Van builders is here anytime you need. Just call us – we want you to get the most out of your experience and enjoy the ride; for the love of the outdoors!




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