Indoor or outdoor shower? What's best for your Vanlife journey

One of the most exciting decisions you’ll make as a future van owner is whether or not to include a shower in your brand-new, gorgeously designed home on wheels. Today, we’ll walk through your options – and why an indoor shower, outdoor shower, or having both (yes, that’s a possibility, too!) will better suit you, your adventures, and your Vanlife journey.



A shower is a must-have feature to elevate your Vanlife experience! We’ve had clients repeatedly tell us how including a shower in their build was the best decision when they invested in a Be-Van. A shower makes all the difference between feeling like you’re in just another vehicle cross-country traveling versus living in a lush, cozy, convenient home on wheels that’s been fully equipped and designed for living, working, and exploring!




Be-Home shower built by Bemyvan




It comes down to lifestyle

Are you planning on being a full-time van dweller or an adventurous weekend warrior? It’s a question to consider when completing your build with us. If you’re planning on living in your van full-time or taking it on longer adventures, it’s worth considering including an indoor shower! It’s an added bonus not to leave your van to wash up on chilly days traveling and enjoying winter sports!


Also, if you’re ever planning to rent out your Be-Van (an awesome way to earn extra income), it’s a good idea to include a shower – fully equipped campervans like our Be-Loft are renting out for $250 a night on websites like Airbnb and GoCamp!




Be-Home living space




With an indoor shower, you’ll not only have a luxuriously hot, high-pressure shower whenever you wish, but you’ll also enjoy the privacy and convenience of having it inside your vehicle.



The shower pan also doubles as a place to store your chemical (cassette) toilet if you include that in your build. And all our vans with indoor shower options can also built with an additional outdoor shower, so you get the best of both worlds!



Homely warm lighting interior vanlife design


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Home sweet home

Our most popular build, the Be-Home, is fully equipped with an indoor shower, plus many other must-have Vanlife amenities to make it the perfect little home on wheels.




Be-Home on wheels built be Bemyvan




This year, we have an exciting new build, the Be-Loft, and you’ll want to check it out in all its glory! It’s a culmination of all the features our incredible community has asked for over the years, including a queen size bed and modular living space – we’re excited to unveil it, finally!




Vanlife shower and RV wet bath built by Bemyvan



An exciting new feature of the Be-Loft is that it’s built with an RV wet bath! In addition to having a super convenient indoor shower, you also have the built-in toilet, which is a definitive plus for cleanliness, comfort, and privacy.




RV Wet Bath in the Be-Loft built by Bemyvan



All our builds come with the option to add on a cassette (chemical toilet), and we highly recommend doing so to complete your home on wheels! The toilet is easily stored in the Be-Home shower and under the Be-Adventure seat to maximize your living space.



Weekend warriors

Many Be-Van owners use the vans just for weekends or occasional trips, and one of the benefits of excluding the indoor shower and only using the outdoor option is more living space to enjoy (and a smaller compact vehicle) ! It really comes down to lifestyle – do you want the benefits of a complete home on wheels, or are you ok with showering outdoors or elsewhere? 




Be-Adventure off grid adventure van built by Bemyvan




You may not need an indoor van shower if you’re living and traveling short-term and on the more rugged side, and that’s ok too! We have the flexibility and options for all nomads, adventurers, and van enthusiasts during the build process. Make sure to check out our Virtual Builder while you’re here!



For the adventurers

Our effortlessly cool, compact Be-Adventure and 4-Wheel Drive Sprinter Builds are two off-grid adventure vans to consider for their style and functionality. Both offer great comfort in a fully-equipped home on wheels for great adventurers!



Our adventure builds both come equipped with outdoor showers (and you’ll still enjoy luxuriously hot, high-pressure!) and fantastic, abundant living space to enjoy as you broaden your horizons.




Be-Adventure compact home on wheels built by Bemyvan




Custom Water Tanks

The beauty of our latest Be-Loft built on the Ram Promaster is that they’re built with custom-made 40/40 water tanks. What does that even mean, you might ask? It means traveling with ultimate convenience as you’ll have a 40-gallon freshwater tank and a 40-gallon greywater tank, including a display monitor to show you how soon you’ll need to fill back up. This a game-changer!


Many other van builders have different gallon capacities in their Promaster builds, meaning it’s difficult to track when to fill the fresh and greywater tanks. With 40/40, you’ll enjoy the convenience, not to mention the generous capacity. You can go a week off-grid and still enjoy a hot shower every day without refilling!




Be-Home shower wet lit by Bemyvan




Off-grid ready

Speaking of off-grid, your shower’s water pressure and heating are easy to track and control on your Be-Van’s control panel. With powerful battery packs and solar panels to power your van off-grid, you can rest assured you’ll never have to take a freezing cold bag shower in the woods again! Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor van shower, you’ll travel knowing that no matter how off the beaten path you go, you’ll still be at home.




indoor or outdoor shower beymvan build




Whether planning on full-time Vanlife or weekend adventures, enjoy the simple luxuries of home and the great outdoors in style and comfort!



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