Why animals make the best travel companions

Buckle up your fur babies. It’s adventure time!

Our pets are our companions through so much of life – love, celebrations, transitions, heartbreak. They’re the furry friends by our side as we navigate the human experience. There’s something so special about taking them on travel adventures. One thing is for sure, you’ll make memories together that you will cherish forever when you introduce them to the wonderful world of Vanlife!


Vanlife dog traveling and enjoying the outdoors, facing a lake and mountains


Bemyvan’s VanLife community is growing daily, and people from all walks of life are heading out toward their next grand adventures. Our Be-Van conversions allow comfort and practicality while you travel, ensuring your furry family member enjoys the ride safely and securely.


Travel nurses, retirees, authors, software engineers, digital nomads, and many more make up our diverse community of Vanlifers, and now their fur babies are coming along for the ride. So often we hold off on traveling because we’re worried about taking our pets outside of their comfort zones. The good news is, there’s plenty of room on the road for us all. No doubt pets make excellent travel companions (not to mention security guards!)


There are just a few key things to consider before setting off with Sparky.


Vanlife cat on a walk in the woods


Traveling with your pet will change both of your lives for the better

I recently chatted with fellow Vanlifers, Nate & Sheena, and they were kind enough to share their top pet travel tips after living, traveling, and working on the road with their (nearly) four-year-old Blue Heeler pup, Luna. “We adopted Luna at the same time we bought our van to raise her in it – so you can say she’s a natural on the road!”


“It’s essential to dedicate a safe space for your pet, that’s meant just for them. We built Luna’s crate underneath our bed. In the Be-Vans, many clients use the garage beneath the bed as a cozy pet home. Making sure she travels comfortably is a priority for us. She’s our baby!


“We’ve lived in Van communities all over the West Coast and Baja California, Mexico, and sometimes she’s just not in the mood to interact with everyone coming in and out of our home on wheels. Her safe space allows her to feel right at home, wherever we roam!”


Another thing that helps is having non-slip water bowls. “In the beginning, we didn’t have any on hand and spilled water would be a daily occurrence. Something to keep in mind, using a heavier bowl or a fixed bowl set is even better to avoid annoying spills.”


Vanlifer and dog enjoying the outdoors in Winter

Creating lifelong memories

I asked Nate what his favorite memory with Luna while traveling was: “Probably the time she scared a bear off in Bear country! She’s joined us on so many hikes and backpacking trips around the West Coast – from Mammoth to Tahoe to the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. The memories we’ve made with her are priceless, and there’s never a dull moment in her life.”


“Something to keep in mind is that some National Parks don’t accept dogs, which we respect because they can disturb the natural ecosystem. We set off on a Dog Park Tour of America and you’d be surprised how many beautiful dog parks there are in the country! Dog parents are the best people – and they always recommend spots for us to explore with Luna, which are dog friendly.


Safety first!

Our vehicles become ovens in the heat. It’s vital to have a cooling system that runs even when the engine is off if you’re planning on leaving your pet in the car even briefly. Our Be-Vans are off-grid ready, meaning that between the solar panels and the conversion battery, the air conditioning can run continuously for up to 10 hours! This ensures your pet enjoys the ride, no matter what weather conditions you come across. There is also a super helpful temperature monitor called Waggle that allows you to monitor the temperature of your vehicle when you’re not in it, as well.


Nate also added that having your pet’s health records on hand is important because you’ll be going to different Vets in different cities if you’re living on the road full-time. “If you bring your pet out in the wilderness, they need to be caught up on flea, tick, and heart-worm treatment. Some are all-in-one and last for 6 months – this was especially helpful for us when we were living off-grid.”


What about cats?

We haven’t forgotten about our feline family members! We spoke to several Vanlifers with cats on board, and the consensus was clear – you won’t know unless you try! Many were surprised by how quickly their kitties adapted to life on the road. Just be sure their food is always kept in the vehicle, and for both cats and dogs, a GPS collar is a must. For security reasons, they even make collars that will go off if your pet gets stuck in a fence or other structure. We 100% recommend them!


Outdoor cat from vanlife enjoying the view of a lake

Practice and patience are key

If your pet already enjoys road trips – amazing. It takes time and patience to get them used to new environments, so go on as many mini adventures as you can in the meantime! Drive just outside of town, visit that lush park on the other side of the city you keep hearing about, and get them used to being in the vehicle. It’s worth the wait when you get to share all your travels with your pets!


We leave no stone unturned when designing our Be-Vans. They’re fully functional as tiny homes on wheels, including an option to include a Pet door. Our batteries are built to last, ensuring you and your fur baby enjoy the ride to the fullest. You can rest assured that you’re choosing a build meant for comfort, safety, and enjoyment.


Dog in van enjoying the view of the outdoors


Now, where are you and your fur baby driving off to first? We can’t wait to hear about it!


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