Ram Promaster or Sprinter: Which van to choose?

If you’ve made it to our blog, chances are you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime with a home on wheels – and we’re so glad you’re here! You’re probably wondering which van to choose for your Vanlife journey. Should you go for the B-Adventure, built on the Dodge Ram Promaster 2500, the B-Loft or B-Home, built on the Dodge Ram Promaster 3500, or our rugged 4-wheel-drive Mercedes Sprinter build? Today, we’ll compare Ram Promaster versus Sprinter in terms of comfort, drivetrain, design, fuel efficiency, and affordability.




Charlie interior build Be-Home


Comfort and coziness while you’re on the road, are our top priorities at Bemyvan! In terms of comfort, The Promaster boasts more headroom and legroom as it’s wider and built with a high-top roof. The Promaster is ideal for taller people and feels more spacious overall.




Kitchen design of a Be-Home built by Bemyvan



The Sprinter has a more luxurious feel, leather seats, and a sleek modern design. It’s a head-turner, without a doubt (would you expect anything less from Mercedes?). All of our builds are created to be homes on wheels. With cozy kitchen spaces, warmly lit living + work areas, and bedroom spaces that’ll promise a cozy night’s sleep under the stars. 



The added comfort of both Sprinters and Promasters is that they’re equipped to house an indoor bathroom space with a shower and indoor portable toilet. Rest assured that whichever build you choose, they’re expertly crafted to keep you cozy and in the comforts of home while you’re on the road.



Warm lighting in a cozy van home on wheels built by Bemyvan




Dodge Ram Promaster builds comes with a standard front-wheel drive, while the Sprinter is available in both front-wheel and 4-wheel drive options.



An added environmental benefit for the front-wheel-drive vehicle like the Promaster is that they typically emit less carbon dioxide. A front-wheel-drive vehicle can maintain better traction in snowy conditions since the engine’s weight is located over the driving wheels. This means Ram Promaster is still sturdy on the road – compared to rear-wheel-drive vans!



If you’re planning on adventuring off-grid, overnighting at a rocky BLM, or exploring a variety of terrains, the 4-wheel drive Sprinter might be better suited for your Van lifestyle!




Sprinter interior Van Built by Bemyvan




Our builds also include solar panels and reliable battery packs, making them perfect for living off-grid, remote working, and getting off the beaten path.



The front-wheel drive Promaster might do the trick if you’re mainly planning on sticking to highways, freeways, and city roads. Both builds are equally suited for Stealth Camping too. Know that all our builds are meant for driving down dark desert highways – with the cool wind in your hair!




In terms of design, the Promaster and Sprinter are both sleek and modern, with distinct exterior aesthetics. The Promaster has a more rugged look on the outside, but don’t let that fool you! Our B-Lofts and B-Homes are designed with warm lighting, bright wooden finishes, ample storage space, and your choice of cabinet colors and kitchen splashbacks on the inside.




Be-Home built by Bemyvan storage in the kitchen




Imagine all your favorite Pinterest pins in a gorgeous home on wheels. The vibe is cozy, inviting, bright, and warm. We install an abundance of windows once the vans arrive at Bemyvan Headquarters – transforming a former utility vehicle into a sleek, beautiful tiny home ready to be seen!



While the Sprinter has a more luxurious feel because it’s a Mercedes, the customization options are just as vast. The vehicle is “just plain beautiful,” as put by a proud Bemyvan Sprinter build owner, Rika; you can check out her Human’s of Vanlife story and why she chose a Sprinter over a Promaster here!



Both are winners when we compare the look and feel of Ram Promaster versus Sprinter! 





Rika Kova parks her Bemyvan sprinter solo female road trip in the desert




Fuel Efficiency 

This is one of our first questions when customers decide between our builds! In terms of fuel, the Promaster and Sprinter are on par! Both vans have a V6 engine and get around 17-20 miles per gallon on the highway.



The Sprinter is a bit larger and heavier, so it may consume more fuel in the long run, especially if you decide on the 4-wheel-drive option. It’s a trade-off when you get to explore all terrains while still enjoying the comforts of home!




Van bedroom built by Bemyvan




The Promaster is definitely the more budget-friendly option, but lifestyle plays a key role here! Something to ask yourself  – is a luxury and all-terrain capability necessary for you and your van lifestyle? Or will a functional, cozy home on wheels built for leisure and outdoor exploring work well for you? Consider this question when deciding between a Ram Promaster vs. Sprinter. 


The price gap between those two types of vehicles is usually between $5k to $25k, with the Sprinter being on the higher end.



Be-Loft extended kitchen outdoors by Bemyvan





The B-Loft truly is the ultimate home on wheels (only accessible on Ram Promaster at this day). Our amazing community inspired all its exciting new features and what they wanted in their “dream van.” Be sure to check out the B-Loft in all its glory – it’s not to be missed!




Built-in screen for digital nomads working remotely in the van




Our Sprinter builds

We’re one of the few Van builders out there specializing in Promaster builds – and we’re proud to say that! We also can’t deny the beauty and reliability of a classic Sprinter. We’re pleased to share what we’ve been working on behind the scenes:





Cozy brand new Be-Van bed




Sprinter 170 B-Home

The first B-Home to ever be built on a Sprinter, the 4WD Sprinter 170 B-Home comes complete with a full-size shower cabin, luxury queen-size RV bed, elevated fridge, and so much more. Be sure to check out this beauty and all it has to offer, all built on a four-wheel-drive chassis – ideal for adventuring comfortably in any terrain!





exterior of the Sprinter 170 Be-Home




Sprinter 144 B-Adventure

Effortlessly cool and reliable, our Sprinter 144 B-Adventure build stays sexy as it kicks up the dust. With a fully functional kitchen, reliable outdoor shower, and cozy full-size memory foam bed, you’ll have all the amenities of an off-roading tiny home, perfect for all-season expeditions!





Van bed of the sprinter 144




We know that building, designing, and purchasing any home is a major life event! We invite you to chat with one of our expert van builders today. Allow us to guide you in making your decision. We’ll walk you through every step of the process.



While you’re here, check out our Virtual Builder to see our beautiful build options!



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