11 awesome remote jobs perfect for the van lifestyle

2023 is the year of change and newness, and we’re thrilled to say there are endless ways to make a living working remotely in this space and time, especially from the comforts of your very own home on wheels! No matter your field of expertise, interests, or curiosities – there’s so much to learn in our ever-changing digital workspace, and there are some great opportunities you can take with you on the road. Here, we round out 11 awesome remote jobs perfect for the van lifestyle! 




This is first on our list, as many Be-Van owners are photographers, too! You can easily promote your work and set up an online portfolio through social media and other digital platforms to get your business up and running. Having a Be-Van makes it super convenient to head on location for shoots, whether you specialize in travel photography, events, weddings, nature, or portraits. The van even doubles as an awesome backdrop in photoshoots!




Girl in a adventure van checking the outdoor pictures she took




Living the Vanlife and embracing remote work also gives you the freedom to take on photography projects that are more meaningful to you! You can start projects that involve more than just taking pictures. Explore editing and video production, allowing you to become skilled in even more creative avenues. Photography is a fantastic way to document your travels and share your adventures with the world and your loved ones. 



You can use your photos and videos to create content for your blog and social media channels, helping you expand your reach and connect with potential clients from beautiful destinations in your off-grid adventure van.



Close-up of Be-Van workspace perfect for remote workers


Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for organizing and managing a project’s day-to-day operations, whether personal or business-related. A project manager can make all the difference in the success of a project, and the job can be done just about anywhere – especially from the comforts of a Be-Van! The flexibility of remote project management is one of the best benefits of this type of work and another favorite career of Vanlifers across the country.



With a solid Internet connection (make sure you get Starlink set up in your van!), you can easily stay connected with your team and clients wherever in the world they are. Project management offers amazing freedom and flexibility! It’s an ideal fit for those who thrive on structure and systems.



Let's build your dream van together in 2023!


Brand new interior of a Be-Loft




Have a way with words? Give copywriting a try! Copywriters create persuasive copy that will help to promote products and services. As a copywriter, you write blog articles, website content, social media posts, press releases, and much more. 



One of the best things about copywriting is that it is super flexible and perfect for remote work from your van. Gone are the days of heading to the office or commuting to work; you can simply sit down at your laptop in your van’s dedicated workspace and get to typing! You’ll be able to get creative and use your talents to help businesses succeed, and it’s an exciting way to build your portfolio if writing is one of your strengths! 



Video Editor

If you love creating content and have the skills to edit video footage, you can find plenty of remote job opportunities as a video editor. This type of work is perfect for the Van lifestyle because you can take your projects and work on them while traveling. You can find clients willing to hire a remote video editor. The client will pay you to create exciting content from anywhere as you meet people on the road and build relationships while traveling. It’s an exciting world to step into!




Bemyvan client creative work in B-Van desk




Web Developer

Web Developers are in high demand, ensuring job security and a steady income wherever you and your van drive to. It’s an awesome opportunity to make a living while exploring the nomadic lifestyle (not to mention pay for all the rad outdoor activities you’ll want to enjoy!) All you need is the knowledge, your laptop, and a stable internet connection to be successful.




Ready to be the star of your own Vanlife-inspired show? Being an influencer might be the perfect gig for you! If you enjoy being on camera, sharing stories, and connecting with a community you’ve grown – you can bring in major bucks from Youtube! It takes dedication and patience to grow a following but engaging with other Vanlifers, attending Vanlife gatherings, and networking through your social channels will get you recognition in no time. This can lead to sponsorship and collaboration opportunities down the road, and it’s a lucrative and exciting pathway to explore as you make a name for yourself in the Vanlife world!


Be-Home parked in Newport Beach California


Are you a gamer who also happens to be a Vanlife enthusiast? Combine both of your passions and create an exciting niche! You can stream your gaming activities from your Be-Van anytime and anywhere and make money by teaching tutorials. Talk about your van experiences and what the road has taught you. Building a community around your streams is key to making money as a Streamer! This means engaging with your viewers and providing entertaining and useful content while consistently showing up for them. We’re living in an exciting new era with ample opportunity to build a business directly from your van – and if you’re curious and enjoy producing this kind of content, there is huge potential for success!



Even in 2023, Blogging can still be lucrative and a way to help you build an audience and create a platform. You can make money from sponsorships and advertising with the right content and a passion for writing and photography!



Once you have a captured audience, you can monetize your blog through affiliate programs, sponsorships, and even creating digital products. E-books, courses, and packages can all be lucrative. It complements the Vanlife journey as you can share your story and monetize it. Collaborate with fellow bloggers, and attend blogging conferences, all while inspiring others to get creative and chase their dreams, too!




A girl working remotely on her laptop by her camper van on a sunny day



Travel Nurse

Travel Nursing is flexible in that nurses can choose where they work and how long each time. Since their assignments are usually short-term and located in different places, travel nurses can opt for a van like our incredibly homely and gorgeous Be-Loft and travel to their next assignment in style and comfort! 



With all the creature comforts of home, nurses will be able to put their feet up after a long day’s work in a Be-Van. Enjoy a hot shower and whip up a nourishing home-cooked meal before saving lives again. It’s such a rewarding field. Having a van allows nurses to stay in one place for longer without jumping from hotel to hotel. They’ll explore and appreciate the great outdoors and all the shiny big cities between assignments.




With the rise of the gig economy, more and more people are transitioning from traditional 9-5 jobs to remote consulting. Consultants are hired to provide expertise and advice in a specific field. If you’re skilled in a particular industry, whether it be marketing, insurance, or even nutrition + lifestyle – it could be an awesome opportunity for you to build a consulting business from your van!




We know, we know – it seems like everyone is a coach these days (is there such a thing as a Vanlife coach yet?) but as cheesy as some coaches can be, some are truly helping their clients become the best versions of themselves. Coach help clients develop skills, achieve goals and reach their full potential. It can be incredibly fulfilling to change lives while exploring your world and living your best life in an uber-cozy and functional Be-Van! 



You’ll be location-independent and have the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world, and it’s rewarding if you’re the type that always wants to help people and see them succeed.




Freedom in the desert with a Bemyvan B-Adventure build




Seasonal Gigs

Seasonal gigs offer the perfect balance between work and play if being a digital nomad or remote worker isn’t quite your style. You can choose to work for a few months and then take a break for a few weeks to explore and enjoy your surroundings. This flexibility allows you to create a unique work-life balance that works for you. 



Another great benefit of being a seasonal employee is gaining experience in various industries! Think permaculture farms, ski resorts, and boutique hotels, to name a few. These gigs are awesome ways to connect with people from all walks of life, and you can use those connections to your advantage once you start looking for full-time remote work or dive in and start your own business one day.




Friendship and connection through Vanlifers




Yoga/Meditation Teacher

Whether you teach yoga at a local studio, online, or on the road, one of the many perks of working as a yoga teacher is enjoying variety in your work environment!  There’s never a dull moment. You’re helping people find zen and calm in their life. You can even use your van as a backdrop for epic outdoor classes and photoshoots for your marketing! In fact, we have an article about all the ways investing in a Be-Van can earn you money here.




Lakeside meditation



Endless opportunities

There you have it! Just a few ways to earn a living while living the dream in your van. We could spend hours writing about this topic, and we hope this helps spark some ideas for your Vanlife journey, wherever you may be in it! 




Lia working on her bed of her B-Loft built by Bemyvan




Are you already working remotely in your van? Tell us what you’re up to – we’d love to be inspired by your story!


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