Our Top Tips for Solo female Vanlife

First of all, you’ve got this!

If you’ve ever taken a trip alone, much less lived the Vanlife alone, chances are you’ve had a well-meaning friend or family member share their concerns about you venturing out solo. The thing is, it’s safer than ever to be a female solo traveler in this digital age. And Vanlife is no exception.


But, of course, always use your judgment and common sense – follow your gut when things feel off. This is the golden rule.


Share your location with family or a close friend and regularly check in. Always lock up when you’re away from the vehicle – and remember, when in doubt, there’s an app for that!


We’ll share more below about how to make the most while traveling solo so you can ensure safety and make this the best adventure yet.


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Rest & Rehydrate

Remember that when it’s just you on the road living the solo female vanlife, you depend on yourself. You never want to be caught off guard while you’re in the van. So take plenty of breaks, and don’t overdo driving in one day. Driving for hours on end can be exhausting, so it’s essential to stretch your legs, enjoy the journey and keep hydrated. Ideally, you want to arrive to your destination for the evening before nightfall, so you can set up your space, and be aware of your surroundings. And it’s always lovely to meet other campers and Vanlifers in the area as well!


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Stay connected

It’s always a good idea to let your loved ones know where you’re heading – especially if you think you’ll be off-grid (our favorite place to be!) for a while. We now live in a world where Starlink Internet exists, so even in the most rural of areas, you can still be connected to your loved ones with fast Internet (if that’s what you’re into!).


The beauty of our Be-Vans is that they are fully equipped for off-grid living. We also know many folks who enjoy unplugging for a few days. Both are possible here.


Meeting folks

When you’re traveling alone, chances are you’re going to meet friendly, helpful fellow adventurers. You will connect instantly, some you might even meet up with later down the road, but if there’s someone you’re not sure about, it’s best not to overshare every detail of your travels right away.


Most people you’ll meet while traveling will be lovely, but it’s best not to advertise you’re a solo traveler, your exact destinations, where you’re planning on parking for the evening, what you drive, etc. Use your judgment here, of course – and follow your gut (the golden rule of solo travel!).


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Learn the basics

You don’t need to become a rocket scientist before your first solo Vanlife departure, but you do need to get to know your vehicle inside and out so that if a problem should arise, you can find a solution quickly and be on your merry way! At Bemyvan, we take pride in making comfortable, functional, and safe homes on wheels that are built for all levels of Vanlife – whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned veteran.


We have a handy guidebook that you can reference at any point in your journey and a control panel that manages everything from your water pressure to your van’s lighting, to your fan and electricity.


The VictronConnect app will connect to your van and give you a constant read on your battery life. We will provide you with a full walk-through of your van before you hit the road so you can be confident when you start your first adventure. It’s also a good idea to have a basic toolkit on hand, just in case you need to repair anything while traveling!


Finally, of course, if anything else comes up on the journey, we are here for you! You can contact our team anytime.


Where to park

Depending on your destination, parking can sometimes be the trickiest part of Vanlife. We have an article on Vanlife parking, in case you’d like to check it out. However, we also can’t recommend the app iOverlander enough.


iOverlander is GPS-specific and peer-reviewed, and you’ll be able even to see photos and read reviews from Vanlifers that have been in the same places you’re heading. Find out where to best fill your potable water, where it’s safe to park for the evening, the best places to dump grey water, fill up gas, etc. This app is a game-changer, and we can’t recommend it enough!


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Pack accordingly

Besides all the necessities you’ll need, like seasonal clothing, cookware, and your favorite shampoos and soaps, we always say – bring whatever’s going to make you feel more at home. Whether it be your favorite Mexican blanket, gourmet teas, a couple house plants you don’t want to risk your roommate back at home killing, don’t be afraid to bring them along for the drive.


It’s always nice to bring a selection of books you’ve been meaning to start on; this is your chance to make your van your cozy, safe space. There’s plenty of storage space in our Be-Vans (you’ll be surprised how much between the garage, our cabinets, and drawers!) Our Virtual Builder will give you a sneak peek into the Be-Van interior design.


Regarding safety, some solo females will pack bear spray, a whistle, or bring a lanyard with heavy keychains to feel more at ease when walking alone. Some travelers have shared they’ll wear fake wedding rings, just in case someone asks where they’re going… they can say their partner is waiting for them. This is up to you and your discretion, but ensure you lock your vehicle when you’re away from it and try not to leave valuables in sight, as this could make you a target for thieves. 


Consider a road-dog

Or cat! Many of our customers have brought their pets along, and some were even inspired to rescue one on the journey. The open road can be long and sometimes lonely – but having a furry friend to share the miles with makes the experience more memorable. It will strengthen your bond, give you a loving connection, and keep you warm on nights if you don’t feel like turning on your off-grid heater (you’re going to love that heater so much!) Pets love Vanlife just as much as their hoomans do.


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It’s about the journey.

The wide open road will teach you things about yourself you didn’t know you were capable of – you will be empowered, amazed, and so very proud of your newfound superpowers once you take the leap and go on your first solo trip. There is magic in it unlike any other, and that’s why there are so many fellow solo female Vanlifers sharing the road these days! But remember, it is about the journey, not the destination.


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Pay attention, be gentle on yourself, come prepared, get lots of rest, water, plus electrolytes, and always remember the golden rule – trust your gut!


You’re about to embark on the journey of a lifetime.



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