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Vanlife activities for your next road trip

There are endless ways to enjoy your newfound life of adventure with a B-Van! You’ll be all set to explore with a comfortable, cozy sanctuary on wheels, fully equipped with all the amenities of home and the added freedom and exhilaration that the road brings! In case you’re unsure where to start, we thought we’d share some of our favorite Vanlife activities for your next road trip. They’re timeless, easily accessible, and sure to elevate your Vanlife experience!




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Explore 84 million acres of National Parks

With a B-Van, you’ll be perfectly positioned to explore some of the most breathtaking natural treasures on the planet. From Yellowstone to the Redwoods, to Joshua Tree and Zion, there are 424 National Parks to choose from in the U.S. alone! With a home on wheels, you’ll be able to park right in the middle of nature’s magnificence, (check park regulations to be sure where to park legally and safely during the night!) You’ll enjoy sunrises and sunsets in the heart of spectacular nature, and it’s one of the greatest gifts of Vanlife!




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Take a dip in water sports!

Pack up a paddleboard or canoe and take a dip in the nearest body of water! More of an ocean fan? Head to the waves and put your feet in the sand. With your B-Van, you’ll have generous space to store all your gear. Enjoy a private indoor bathroom to wash up with a hot shower after your adventures in the water. No more driving uncomfortably with salt and sand everywhere. Keep yourself and your van clean and tidy; we offer outdoor showers too!




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Play tourist 

The country is dotted with iconic landmarks, and pulling up in your home on wheels is the way to go! Every state has its special something; from the Grand Canyon to the Statue of Liberty, to Old Faithful to the Golden Gate Bridge, there are cultural sights and sounds to be enjoyed, whether you’re traveling solo or caravaning with friends. Take photos along the way with your van and turn them into postcards to send to your friends and family. You might just inspire them to join the Vanlife, too!




Bemyvan couple with their dog next to Lake Vanlife




Discover your inner chef

One thing is for sure; your taste buds will go on a ride along with you in the van! With a B-Van, you’ll enjoy a fully equipped, functional kitchen at your disposal, complete with a 2-burner induction cooktop, a super convenient van fridge to keep your meals fresh and beverages ice-cold, a handy sink for quick kitchen clean-up, and an option to include a microwave or an extended kitchen space for even more cooking room! It’ll be easy and enjoyable to cook up meals wherever you are, as long as you know the Do’s and Don’t of Vanlife Cooking! With access to fresh, local produce and farmer’s market on your drives, you’ll have the best ingredients to experiment with as you create your culinary masterpieces.








Take me out to the ballgame 

If you’ve ever traveled for a sporting event, you know that finding lodging around the venue can be expensive as it is stressful. With a B-Van, you pull up in style to the big game without the added stress! Whether the NBA Finals or the World Series is more your thing, you’ll have everything you need in your home on wheels to pre-game, your lodging + transportation to and from the game already sorted, and added bonus; tailgating with a B-Van takes it to the next level! 




Wrigley Field Bemyvan Vanlife with travel nurses and pets




Create a Vanlife movie theatre

Rain or shine, you’ll have the ultimate entertainment zone with your B-Van! With options to add an outdoor awning, lightning-fast satellite Wi-Fi via Starlink and television screens inside your van, you can create a cozy, warm vibe indoors. Include an awning for the ultimate outdoor chill-out zone! Perfect for getting friends together and streaming your favorite films, even in the most remote locations thanks to Starlink! Bring a projector. Get the popcorn popping. Enjoy an outdoor cinema under the stars with your camp neighbors! The good life.




Be-Loft kitchen



Look up!

When was the last time you appreciated the night sky? Vanlife takes you back to the simple pleasures of life, and stargazing is one of them. We’re often so disconnected from the stars when we’re living in big cities with light pollution. Being able to fully enjoy the Milky Way and shooting stars at night is an incredible experience. Ask us about our B-Van’s Skylight option – a favorite feature of many B-Van owners who get to enjoy the beauty of the night sky from inside their vans!




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See all our customization options in the Virtual Builder!



Local festivals

Check in with the local chamber of commerce before you set off on your road trip to see what kind of local festivals will be happening in a town near you. We’ve seen everything from quilting festivals to German beer festivals and Renaissance fairs on our drives. They’re a great way to meet people in the community. Learn more about the destination you’ve just arrived at! There’s something for everyone whether you’re a foodie, a music junkie, or a quilting enthusiast! Many local yoga studios will have a bulletin board for upcoming events and festivals, too.




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Vanlife Gatherings

Vanlife Gatherings truly celebrate the nomadic community, and there’s no better way to connect with your fellow adventurers than with a B-Van. Your B-Van won’t only be the talk of the town but a brilliant ice-breaker when you’re meeting new folks at these events! The Vanlife community is a warm, welcoming group of people from all walks of life and ages. Humans who share a passion for adventure and a love for freedom on the road. Meet like-minds and your future adventure buddies! 




Bemyvan crew at a vanlife gathering



Oh Vanlife… how do we love thee? Let us count the ways!  Truth be told, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy Vanlife, and the doors of possibility will open wide once you hit the road! We hope you enjoy these activities, and if you have any favorites, share them with us over on Instagram! Let’s keep the inspiration going!



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