How Vanlife Fosters Creativity

If you’re a Vanlifer or thinking about making the jump in 2023, chances are you think outside the box. You’re a renegade. You like to stand out from the crowd and pave your own way. You know there’s so much more to life than doing the same thing over and over again with the same results. That’s called insanity, isn’t it? Today, we share a few ways that Vanlife helps to foster creativity, and how it’s changing the lives of the curious humans that adopt the lifestyle!



Freedom in the desert with a Bemyvan B-Adventure build




Many of our customers share stories about how hitting the road turned them into entirely different people. Their perspectives on life changed for the better. They learned to slow down, tune into their inner worlds, and show up more confidently, creatively, and adventurously in their everyday lives. 



Whether you’re a traveling artist, the next Steve Jobs with a grand vision or you’re simply finding yourself and not sure where the road will take you next, there’s the magic that comes when you trust yourself enough to broaden your horizons. 



Living in a B-Van is the perfect way to experience a life of contrast, nature, and stillness while still enjoying all the comforts of home on four wheels.




Beautiful nature views from a B-Van


New perspectives 

Experiencing nature alone will expand your creativity in ways you’ve never imagined. Whether it be the snow-capped mountains in the Pacific Northwest, the glistening of the ocean as the sun hits its waves, or the deep red hues of the Sedona buttes, nature opens our eyes to the beauty around us and inspires us to create. 



Getting outside is one of the best ways to top up your creativity tank. Many of our clients document their Vanlife journeys and experiment with photography, videography, and writing along the way. One of our clients, Michael Matson, even documents his culinary creations as he utilizes his B-Van kitchen in locations off the beaten path. (You can read his story, here!) These adventures often inspire others in their circle to get out of their comfort zones and create, too.




Creativity & Stillness in a B-Van enjoying nature




Creative pings

Many solo Vanlifers will share how important following your intuition is above anything else. That same intuition also will guide you with creative pings. 



Those pings are often messages from your most authentic self that will move you toward your dreams and goals. Let us explain. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, take up poetry, or pick up your camera and finally experiment in manual mode. 



Getting quiet, and embarking on a journey of self-exploration will often lead you to the next right step, and give you more time to do all those things you’ve postponed for tomorrow. 




Exploration and Creativity in a B-Van




One of our clients, Rika Kova, recently shared her experience with us and said, “If you think you can do it, that means you can! If something inside you tells you “I’m going to have fun…” Go and have fun with it! It’s there for you to learn a lesson, serve a purpose, and take you to the next step. We have to make decisions to go forward – and Vanlife is an amazing thing to dream about. Is it a want? Is it a goal? Don’t postpone. Life moves quickly! You only live once. GO FOR IT. You won’t regret it. It’s been a life-changing experience for me.” 



After living full-time in her B-Van since August 2022, Rika has transitioned from a Ceramics Artist based in Chicago to a full-time nomadic adventurer and visual creator. Her Vanlife journey opened her eyes to the world of photography, and videography – inspired by the slow, fleeting moments of solitude spent on some of America’s most beautiful BLMs.




Meaningful connections with Bemyvan friends


Meaningful connections

We’re social beings – and we need other humans that understand us in our lives! Vanlife is an amazing way to broaden your network, meet other inspiring people living their truth, and even collaborate with your creativity and innate gifts along the way.


We’ve met so many photographers, videographers, and artists on this path, and there are countless Vanlife gatherings happening throughout the year that will be great starting points for connection!




Friendship and connection through Vanlifers




Living out of a van is an act of creativity in itself. Seeing how others live their versions of Vanlife is an awesome way to get ideas for van decor, hacks, and tricks along the road. We often hear how Vanlifers naturally become more social and open to meeting new people while traveling, versus the network they were used to in their hometowns. 



Create from the road 

There’s never been a better time than now to take your creative dreams seriously. Artists around the world are sharing their art through social media platforms and making a living doing what they love. 




Lia working on her bed of her B-Loft built by Bemyvan




With a home on wheels like the B-Loft, you’ll be able to live comfortably as you expand your horizons, and while being able to create using your in-van work desk, fast Starlink internet in even the most remote locations, and you’ll even get to be creative with recipes in your van kitchen, too! Living in a B-Van is a dream for digital nomads, artists, and nomadic hearts alike!




It’s the surprise, unplanned moments in life that usually stick with us the most. They turn us into storytellers. When the day comes that we eventually arrive back in our hometowns, these adventures inspire others to follow their dreams, too.




Vanlife snow day with a B-Loft in the mountains




We are all innately creative beings. Vanlife just so happens to expand us in inspiring ways at an accelerated pace.


Your life is your masterpiece. Enjoy the journey, and watch how many amazing people you’ll meet on the road as you bring your creative dreams to life!



Tell us, what creative vision are you working on in 2023?

What will YOU create on the road and beyond?



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