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5 Vanlife destinations for escaping the cold this winter

As the temperatures plummet and the country starts to become a winter wonderland, there are many of us that are desperate to escape the freezing weather and get some sunshine on our skin while living the Vanlife! Here we round out 5 of our favorite Vanlife destinations for chasing the sun and escaping the cold this winter!



Lia working on her bed of her B-Loft built by Bemyvan



The beauty of Be-Vans is that they’re fully equipped to withstand all four seasons. No need to worry about the chill going on outside your door. Having an off-grid adventure van means you have the comforts of home on four wheels including your own personal, beautifully designed kitchen, a private bathroom with a hot, high-pressure shower and toilet, and the ability to set up Starlink so you can work remotely wherever you roam.


Live your best nomadic life in any condition – wherever you go, you’re home!




Joshua Tree, California


B-Home Bed Joshua Tree desert sunshine


A Vanlifer’s favorite with its otherwordly landscapes, dreamy desert views, cotton candy sunsets, and sunrises. We can’t recommend Joshua Tree National Park enough! Frolick to your heart’s content and explore the nearly 800,000 acres of desert wilderness. 



Hikers will find 300 miles of trails to explore, from beginner level to more experienced. For a truly special experience, camp overnight for a life-changing view of the Milky Way. Access to the park is easy, with three entrances, making it one of our favorite Vanlife destinations to escape the cold this winter!



The iconic drive itself is an experience and perfect for testing out your Be-Van’s features! The array of activities available makes it well worth it and the little town is quirky and fun to explore too, with great food options, an open-minded community, wellness activities, and an emerging arts scene. Overnighting with the van is easy, there are 500 campsites available throughout the park. Some are first-come, first-served and other spots can be reserved up to six months in advance. We highly recommend you check with the National Park Service and reserve beforehand as they can fill up quite quickly!



Palm Springs, California


Palm springs palm trees sunshine b-home


Palm Springs is a glamorous desert oasis that takes us back to the hay days of old Hollywood. Located a few-hours drive whether you’re leaving from Los Angeles or Las Vegas, it was once a secret hideaway where celebrities could escape for relaxation. Now it’s a bustling city and favorite gem for travelers of all walks of life (Vanlifers included!) 



Just down the road from Joshua Tree but with a whole different vibe, Palm Springs enjoys 354 days of sunshine a year on average and a plethora of day spas, hot springs, pool parties, world-renowned dining, and unique boutique hotels. It’s a place to really pamper yourself and relax the winter blues away. There’s something for everyone in Palm Springs, from dreamy mid-century modern architecture to golf courses and some of the best day spas in the country! Stopping here and getting a massage is a treat after spending prolonged periods on the road driving.


San Diego, California


Escaping winter in san diego with a B-Loft



Cue the O.C. soundtrack and head down to San Diego for the classic SoCal vibes we all know and love. Hit the surf, grab a breakfast burrito and watch the iconic sunsets from your cozy van bed! You can even take a cheeky trip down to Baja California, Mexico where you’ll find even warmer weather. Vanlife and San Diego go hand in hand – there’s SO much to do from the coast with the most. Winter is a brilliant time to go whale watching as well.



Make sure to download the app iOverlander before you head off so you can check the best spots for overnight and stealth parking.  The coastal vibes make it an ideal place for soaking up the sun. The city skyline and harbor offer a unique experience with lots of nightlife and sporting events to check out. 


Sedona, Arizona


Vanlife couple exploring sedona arizona



There’s something about this magical mountain town that just changes you for the better. Some even say there are energy vortexes in the mountains around Sedona, Arizona. These sites are thought to be especially vibrant with energy from the Earth, and it’s something that makes Sedona not to be missed!



It’s a popular place for the spiritual community, healers, and Vanlifers alike! Sedona is a scenic 2-hour drive from Phoenix and its scenery is unmatched. From its deep red rocks to its sapphire blue skies and emerald valleys, there are an abundance of hiking trails, and mountain biking paths, and there are plenty of places to park your van overnight as you take in the healing powers of the mountains. Writing this is making us want to plan another trip and get our zen on ASAP!



Las Vegas, Nevada & Surrounds


Couple with dog traveling with their adventure van in the desert



No winter escape list is complete without Viva Las Vegas! We have a special bond with this city and its close proximity to nature and it’s why Vegas is home to Bemyvan Headquarters. (Come say hi and see how our iconic homes on wheels are built!)



Las Vegas is America’s playground and so much more than glittery casinos, debauchery, and nightlife. Though, we have to say it’s pretty awesome to have the entertainment capital of the world at our fingertips!



Local gems like Valley of Fire State Park, Lake Mead Recreation Area, Red Rock Canyon, and Desert National Wildlife refuge all offer diverse landscapes to enjoy and see that there is so much more to Vegas than The Strip. The surrounds of Las Vegas have incredible biodiversity to enjoy, and the sunsets are the most beautiful on Earth.



Camper van with awning at Red Rock Canyon with Bemyvan



On a sunny winter’s day, it’s not uncommon to spot a Big Horn sheep in its natural habitat amongst fiery red rocks. And if you’re feeling like sunshine and snow, Mount Charleston and Lee Canyon have ski slopes and snowy mountains to enjoy before jumping back in your van to get nice and toasty with the heat on! Make sure to check out our blog article on 6 Adventurous Road Trips from Las Vegas, here!




We hope you get a chance to explore these sunny Vanlife destinations for escaping the cold this winter! Wherever you end up this season, we’d love to hear about it! We’ll see you down the road!


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