What you need to be fully off-grid in a camper van

Are you dreaming of an exciting life of adventures and travels? Extend your comfort zone with our B-Vans! Comfortably live fully off-grid in a secure home on wheels. Explore all terrains in style while you travel smart. Today, we share what you need to be fully off-grid in a camper van!




Off-grid adventure van built by Bemyvan




Off-grid power system

To be fully-functional off-grid, you need a robust, powerful system that will keep the lights on, the water hot, and the air conditioner pumping. B-Vans have an impressive system with a wide selection of options to add on for an even more powerful Vanlife experience, including up to 5 Battle Born of 12V 100Ah lithium batteries, 400 Watts smart solar panels, and a DC-DC charger to charge while driving. 


The robust system has everything you need to fully live life on the road without worrying about running out of juice, all in one handy van package! This is the perfect system for those who want to get off the grid easily and live life on their own terms. 




Bemyvan DC DC charger





It’s almost unbelievable that you can be completely off-grid in the middle of the Rocky Mountains yet still be able to take a piping hot shower and wash your dishes with hot water after cooking up a delicious feast. But with a B-Van, that’s entirely believable! 


With 40 gallons of fresh water and 40 gallons of grey water for our B-Lofts, it’s the ultimate solution for the luxurious Vanlife experience. Twin 40/40 water tanks make it that much easier to fill up your fresh water and track when it’s time to empty your grey. You’ll be able to monitor your usage with a handy water display right next to your deep van sink.


There’s also a water filtration system on board, ensuring you stay hydrated with fresh, clean drinking water wherever the road takes you.





Cozy Vanlife Bemyvan kitchen




A private bathroom

Enjoy the amenities of home in your tiny house on wheels, including a bathroom to freshen up in whenever you please. No more having to rely on cold, dirty showers at public campsites or struggling to heat up water on a campfire.


The private B-Van bathroom is a true game-changer for the modern Vanlifer. It’s the epitome of convenience and comfort, and it’s designed to give you the ultimate off-grid experience. Forget those days of roughing it. Embrace the elevated amenities of the B-Van bathroom. You’ll enjoy on-demand hot water powered by electricity, unmatched privacy, and an indoor, high-pressured hot shower perfect for traveling in all four seasons.




Vanlife shower and RV wet bath built by Bemyvan




Our newest model, the B-Loft, boasts a built-in toilet in a spacious wet bathroom. It’s perfect for those wanting to travel off-grid and head cross-country in style. Otherwise, you can opt for our B-Home with a comfortable indoor shower and portable toilet, or even our compact B-Adventure with outdoor shower only. We build for all lifestyles and tastes!



Satellite internet

You can do it all when you have a home on wheels – even working from your van! We offer Weboost Wi-Fi booster to amplify signals in dense areas like cities. We also offer Starlink to stay connected in remote areas. Wherever you park, you’ll be able to take calls, finish your work, and stream movies after long, glorious days of exploring. The good life!




Bemyvan client creative work in B-Van desk




Van’s control panel

A favorite feature of many clients – the van’s control panel! Learn the ins and outs of your home on wheels. Take control of everything from your lighting to your heating. Keep up-to-date with your van’s battery strength with the VictronConnect App straight from your phone. The van’s intuitive system is super easy to read, understand and use. It was made for Vanlife veterans and newbies alike.



Off-road capabilities

For many, going off-grid also means going off-road, and we are very excited to announce the perfect vehicle for both –


Our brand-new 2023 Sprinter 170 B-Home! This gorgeous build combines the comforts of a B-Home with the luxury you’ve come to expect in a Sprinter. All topped off with four-wheel drive capabilities. Cruise any terrain, whether it be a sandy beach or a snowy mountain – the Sprinter B-Home was created for the need of a comfortable, reliable home for ANY adventure. 




exterior of the Sprinter 170 Be-Home




We have loads of optional features you can add during your build to make your off-grid adventure van even more complete! If you love movies and entertaining yourself inside the van, consider including a video projector or an extra TV! Consider investing in the B-Loft which can provide an additional screen in the living room too, for an optimal working environment!





Built-in screen for digital nomads working remotely in the van




If you’re more of an outdoor adventurer, add a rack ladder onto your van for all your snow gear, kayaks, and surf equipment. Find all the coolest remote spots as you enjoy nature to yourself!



Not sure where to start? Schedule a call with our expert team today. We’ll walk you through every step of building your dream home on wheels, and we’ll have lots of fun doing it!



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