Work-Life balance and Vanlife

If you look up the #Vanlife hashtag – it can be quite convincing to believe that life in a van is only about adventuring, freedom, and posing next to surfboards with beautiful people and dogs – but we all know that isn’t quite realistic! To live a life of freedom and adventure comfortably and with purpose also requires hard work and dedication. Is it possible to experience both sides of the coin? Absolutely! Here are a few tips to help you achieve a healthy, sustainable work-life balance while living the Vanlife!




Beautiful nature views from a B-Van




Build a routine that works for you

It can be easy to get distracted by the plethora of opportunities, destinations, and fellow travelers you’ll meet on the road! But, if you have a deadline or important project due – “I got distracted” isn’t exactly going to cut it as an excuse! 




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A routine will help you stay organized and on track, freeing you up for exploration when the time is right. It’s essential to create a schedule for yourself and stick to it. This will help ensure that you’re able to stay productive and get the most out of your day while being fully present in your adventures when you’re off the clock and done with your work! 


Our Be-Vans come fully equipped with all the comforts of home so you can get a restful night’s sleep, make your morning coffee along with a nourishing breakfast in your functional van kitchen, and plug in your devices when you’re ready to zero in on projects and tasks.



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Take regular breaks

The beauty of working remotely from your van versus an office setting is you can get outside and stretch your legs in the beauty of nature as often as you wish (sure beats the old office break room situation!) If you’re lucky enough to have a remote job opportunity while living the Vanlife, take this time to soak up the magic that is your new lifestyle. Get lots of fresh air, stretch your legs, and smell fresh flowers on the BLM. This will reset your mind and get you focused when it’s time to create again.




Vanlife couple enjoying slow travel



Set boundaries around travel time

Are you a fast traveler – or a slow, steady one? Try and adopt the mindset of the tortoise versus the hare when balancing work and life in your Van! It’s common to want to see it all and do it all. So many want to check multiple destinations off their lists in a short amount of time. Are you present and truly enjoying the moment when you travel that way? 





Be-Home parked in Newport Beach California





Slow travel helps you stay grounded, focus back on your routine and enjoy living fully in the present while exploring amazing destinations. Less time driving means more time to focus on your projects while still being able to enjoy your journey. It allows you to feel more like a local than a tourist, and we think that’s pretty awesome!



Create a dedicated workspace

Turning your Van’s living area into a dedicated workspace isn’t only necessary for remote workers; it’s easy and enjoyable! Our B-Vans were built with remote workers in mind; our new Be-Loft design even has two swivel seats and a modular kitchen for much more living and working space.


A dedicated workspace and perhaps a drawer just for your work items will keep you organized and ready to seize the day when it’s time to set up in the morning. Just because you’re downsizing doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the perks of a home office – you have a home office on wheels to create your best work from!





Be-Adventure remote work set-up




Discover a creative hobby!

Explore a creative hobby that compliments your Vanlife and roll with it! This can be anything from photography, writing, painting, or bringing along the dusty instrument you had stashed in the corner of your old apartment. 


With your newfound space and freedom, it’s an awesome time to explore different aspects of yourself. You might even discover a whole new version of yourself on the road (it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened! Check out our blog article on how Vanlife fosters creativity here to get inspired!




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Stay connected

Let’s face it – Vanlife can get lonely at times, especially if you’re a solo traveler living on the road long-term. It’s important to stay connected with family and friends, even on the road. This can provide a sense of community and support on days when you’re in the middle of nowhere (one of our favorite places to be!) Check out our blog article on making relationships while traveling here.


Connection and friendships will keep you motivated to explore your creative hobbies and help you focus on work. There are also multiple Vanlife gatherings happening throughout 2023; we encourage you to check them out and meet the amazing community on wheels (we’ll be rolling up to a few of them, too!)




Meaningful connections with Bemyvan friends




Test your set-up

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to your destination, pulling out your laptop, and realizing you can’t get an Internet connection for whatever reason. If you have time-sensitive work to complete, ensure your Starlink Internet set-up is smooth when traveling off-grid, and if you’re in the city, check the app WiFi Map so you can park and enjoy free Wi-Fi to complete your work for the day.




Digital nomad work setup remote



Explore your options

Any remote worker or digital nomad will tell you working and exploring is a balancing act. A dance even! Different hours of the day bring out creativity and productivity in different people. Find out what routine fits best for you, and work around it! We recommend using a Pomodoro timer app to help keep you on track with your tasks. The best part? You get rewarded with a break outside in mother nature in between them! 





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Take advantage of your newfound freedom and all the perks that come with it. Whether it be working, cooking, or resting – we think you’ll find that these activities are even more enjoyable in your van!



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