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2023 B•Adventure®
-Starting at $137,000*

Starting price at $137,000*
- Financing available -

2023 B-Adventure®

Explore all day, relax in comfort at night. Built with all the essential features, the B-Adventure® is the best travel van for weekend getaways and epic road trips. Welcome to your new basecamp.

Ready to embark on your new outdoor life?

Step into the B-Adventure. The floor is yours!

Huge storage space

Stay organized with ample garage space, a closet, and lots of compartments.

Permanent queen-sized bed

Get an amazing night's sleep and wake up ready for another adventure.

Powered up to 1000Ah

Our advanced lithium system keeps your devices charged and drinks cold.

Maximum water capacity

Stay hydrated, do dishes, and take a shower, with water still to spare.

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Living in a travel van should be comfortable and stress-free

Optimize your vanlife journey with these essential features.

Swivel Table

Extend your workspace or make room for dinner guests. This secure and sturdy table allows you to make the most of your space, and is easily stowable when not needed.

Smooth Drawers

Easily access utensils, dishware, and dry goods with a variety of drawers. Engineered with precision slides, they offer a quiet closure and ample storage.

Sturdy Bed Frame

Give your body the rest it deserves with a supportive bed frame and high-quality, queen mattress. Tuck in for the night in peace.

Fold-Down Table

Whether you need another spot to chop veggies or work on your laptop, this table is a lifesaver. With a strong magnetic closure, it folds out of sight instantly.

Stowable closet

No more digging through piles of clothes. Keep everything organized and accessible in a full-size closet.

Full-Size Garage

Keep all your gear organized and safe in our massive garage space, accessible from both inside and out. Additional secure side storage compartments keep it tidy.

Self-Closing Cabinet

Our drawers and cabinets are carefully crafted to be smooth and secure. With simple, self-closing trays, nothing will slip out of place.

Self-Closing Cabinet

Our drawers and cabinets are carefully crafted to be smooth and secure. With simple, self-closing trays, nothing will slip out of place.

Rounded Edges

Is it aesthetic? Yes. Is it functional? Also yes. Round corners save space, decrease corner-catching, and give your space a more elegant, roomy feel.

Rounded Edges

Is it aesthetic? Yes. Is it functional? Also yes. Round corners save space, decrease corner-catching, and give your space a more elegant, roomy feel.

Hideable Trash Bin

With a dedicated trash bin drawer, the van stays clean and odor-free.

Swivel Seats

Park the van and spin your seat around to eat a meal, watch a show, or hang with friends. Comfortable, supportive, and reclinable for rest stop cat naps.

UV Water Filter

No matter where you roam, you’ll want fresh water. Stay stress-free about your water quality with our UV water filter that removes 99% of harmful bacteria.

Elevated Fridge

Keep your food and drinks cold with our spacious, 12-Volt elevated fridge. No more bending over coolers or stops for ice.

Induction Stovetop

Enhance your cooking experience on the road with this built-in induction cooker, which offers fast and efficient
heat in a compact and easy-to-use design.

Portable Toilet

Stay fresh and comfortable with an accessible, portable toilet. Easily stow it away when not needed.

Compact Microwave

Enjoy a hot meal on-the-go with our convenient microwave, perfect for busy van lifers who need to heat food quickly without making a mess.

Queen-Sized Bed with Bug Nets

Expect a deep and refreshing night's sleep on our 6" RV queen-sized bed. Supportive and comfortable, you'll wake up ready to go.

Window Covers

Insulate your van from outdoor temperature swings and boost security and comfort with blackout window covers.

Self-Supported Awning

Make your outdoor space more inviting with shade from the sun or shelter from the rain! The remote-controlled, self-supporting awning means no supports to break or trip over.

Rooftop Deck

Enjoy sunsets, stargazing, or a better view of your surroundings with a rooftop deck. Pop open the umbrella for some shade, and you’ll be living the high life.

Storage & Ladder

Maximize your storage capacity with the convenient roof storage and ladder, allowing you to easily access and securely transport extra gear and equipment.

Bike Rack

Take your outdoor adventures to the next level with our sturdy and secure bike rack, allowing you to bring your
favorite two-wheeled companions along for the ride.

Smart Off-Grid System

Depending on your usage, choose from 200Ah to a 1000Ah of reliable lithium battery power, and live off-grid worry-free.

Powered by Solar and Engine

Charge your lithium battery with 400W of rooftop solar panels, as well as your van engine. This system can also provide enough power to run a MacBook Pro, watch TV, or charge devices.

Digital Monitor

Stay informed and in control of your energy and water usage with our digital screen monitor. Keep track of your resources to ensure supply and efficiency.

Off-Grid Roof AC

Stay cool on those hot summer days with on-demand AC. This unit offers up to 12h running time and is highly-efficient, using only 19A in Eco mode.

Water Heater & Air Heater

Stay snug on cold nights with the swift, quiet 12V Rixen system. EasyStart control and 5000-hour service life provide on-demand heat and hot water.

Water System

Enjoy a continuous and abundant supply of water with our large capacity tanks, including 36-gallons of freshwater and a 33-gallon greywater tank.

European Craftsmanship

Inspired by the tiny Parisian apartment models, Our team of cabinet makers have built expertise in designing fine and stylish interiors for you to feel at home.

Extra Convertible Bed

Transform your living room to an extra bedroom for your improvised guest. Sleep up to 3 in your camper van at no additional cost.

We can't imagine anyone would purchase anything else!

We researched all potential camper van models and shops for over 1-year before selecting Bemyvan. We are 1000% glad we did! After 5 trips and 10k miles, the van is even better than we imagined.


Over 5000 miles traveled

Adventure enthusiast

Luxury camping on the road

Quality builds by professional craftsmen. The staff is amazing and unique: they guide you from A to Z. Choosing the design and customization was essential for us. The conversion is way beyond our expectations. It's our new home now for the time being. Love the high roof, perfect for my 6'2! Best camper I've seen. Highly recommend!

Jared & Beth

Over 3200 miles traveled

Outdoorsy couple

Remote working in the best conditions EVER

If you are searching for your motorhome, you MUST check this team out! I can finally work remotely in decent conditions and travel at the same time. I couldn't be happier with my purchase! This van is like a new home for me. I love the interior design too. Feels really personal.


Over 1200 miles traveled

3D graphic designer

Detailed craftsmanship is our speciality

Explore the specs of the B-Adventure

  • Van Chassis

  • Insulation & Flooring

  • Kitchen

  • Living Room

  • Bedroom

  • Bathroom

  • Electricity - Lithium System

  • Shore Power & Water Connection

  • Plumbing

  • CAB

  • Windows

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Frequently asked questions on the B-Adventure

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  • How long can I run the AC on the batteries?

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