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2023 B•Loft®
-Starting at $144,000*

Starting price at $144,000*
- Financing available -

2023 B-Loft®

Comfortable and connected. Safe and self-reliant. Our B-Loft® is built for life on the road. With blazing-fast internet, a full-size toilet and indoor shower, and a comfortable queen bed, you can live off-grid and work remotely without compromise.

Ready to embark on your new outdoor life?

Step into your B-Loft. The floor is yours!

Shower with dedicated toilet

There's nothing better than an always-accessible toilet and a hot shower.

Permanent queen-sized bed

Get an amazing night's sleep and wake up ready for another adventure.

Powered up to 1000Ah

Our advanced lithium system keeps your devices charged and drinks cold.

Maximum water capacity

Stay hydrated, do dishes, and take a shower, with water still to spare.

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Living in a van should be comfortable and stress-free.

Optimize your vanlife journey with these essential features

Swivel Table

Extend your workspace or make room for dinner guests. This secure and sturdy table allows you to make the most of your space, and is easily stowable when not needed.

Smooth Drawers

Easily access utensils, dishware, and dry goods with a variety of drawers. Engineered with precision slides, they offer a quiet closure and ample storage.

Sturdy Bed Frame

Give your body the rest it deserves with a supportive bed frame and high-quality, queen mattress. Tuck in for the night in peace.

The craftsmanship is superb

Ben was super collaborative, envisioning my vision with me making all my needs a reality, including a 27-inch screen and custom work table, so I could work comfortably in the van. The team have been so responsive and continue to provide great service - especially answering my zillion questions. Highly recommend!


Over 1700 miles traveled

Remote architect

Helpful and part of the build process every step of the way

Our favorite thing about the van has been using the indoor shower, honestly, it’s such a luxury! We felt like friends with Ben and the team, instead of just a number and it’s why we recommend Bemyvan to everyone.

Michael & Jennifer

Over 3900 miles traveled

Outdoorsy adventurers

It’s my dream van layout and build

I fell in love with the interior build by Bemyvan, from the wood cabinets to the lighting. It is cozy inside! I feel at home.


Over 800 miles traveled

Ceramic artist

Detailed craftsmanship is our speciality.

Explore the specs of the B-Loft

  • Van Chassis

  • Insulation & Flooring

  • Kitchen

  • Living Room

  • Bedroom

  • Bathroom

  • Electricity - Lithium System

  • Shore Power & Water Connection

  • Plumbing

  • CAB

  • Windows

Questions? We've got answers.

Frequently asked questions on the B-Loft

  • Can I live full-time in the van?

  • What is included in the shower?

  • Are your B-Vans suitable for all seasons?

  • How many gallons of fresh and gray water?

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