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Build process
When can you start my build?
Due to the high volume of orders, we are currently experiencing delays before we can get to your build. Contact us to know our next availability, and book your pre-order now to ensure your time slot!
How long does it take for my build to be completed?
10 to 12 weeks.
Do you provide the vehicle?
We have a reliable partnership with RAM manufacturers to provide a new vehicle that fits your needs. You can also bring your own vehicle if you'd like, as long as it matches with our models. Give us a call and let's check together!
I already have a vehicle. When can I bring it for the build?
3 months before the expected delivery date.
When will my B-Van be ready for delivery?
You will be informed of the exact delivery date one month prior the end of the build.
Can I have my B-Van delivered?
We encourage our clients to come pick up their B-Van directly from our warehouse, so we can offer them a guided tour of their new acquisition. Otherwise, we do offer a delivery for an additional cost.
Purchase process
How much does the vehicle cost?
The price is set at $45k for the RAM Promaster.
How much does the build cost?
Our build starting price is $42K for a van (vehicle not included). The total cost varies accordingly with the type of layout and the optional features selected.
How can I book my build?
You will be asked to send us a deposit in order to book your pre-order and guarantee a timeline for your build.
How much and when do I have to pay?
We ask for a $2,000 refundable deposit to book the pre-order, 60% mid-payment to start the build, and 40% final-payment one month before the end of the build to ensure the delivery.
How long is the deposit refundable for?
Up to 2 weeks or until the 60% mid-payment to start the build.
Do you offer direct financing?
Seller financing for the vehicle is possible for the vans. Though we do not offer financing for the build, you can ask for a RV loan or a personal loan directly to your bank.
How many people can a B-Van host?
Up to 2 adults for the B-Home and B-Digital models, and up to 3 adults or 2 adults and a child for the B-Adventure model. All our models come with a full-size bed, and the B-Adventure offers an additional convertible bed.
I am a digital nomad. Is your B-Van equipped for my activity?
Yes! We have designed a dedicated build for digital nomads called the B-Digital, with an adapted layout for your office. You benefit of a workspace for your online activities, an additional screen, a video-projector and a screen. The lithium battery pack, solar panels and wi-fi booster also guarantee sufficient power supply and a good Internet connection, wherever you travel.
Can I travel off-the-grid with a B-Van?
Yes! The B-Van provides sufficient power supply and Internet access, wherever you travel. Additionally, you are not required to stop at campgrounds to hook up your electric and water supply.
How much water does a B-Van contain?
42 gallons of fresh water and 20 gallons of grey water.
How much electrical power does a B-Van contain?
400W of solar panels and 300Ah of lithium-ion batteries.
How is the B-Van insulated?
We use havelock.
How can I get my B-Van insured?
We have an insurance expert agent working for us, who can help find the right insurance for you.

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