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Jesse brings life to your outdoor adventures! Enjoy your fully integrated kitchen with induction cooktops, counter tables and 12v fridge. Stay connected on Internet while working or playing in your modular living room - everything moves from the swivel seats to the extension table! Get your well deserved night sleep in the extra comfortable 6" foam mattress in your full-time dedicated bedroom. Campground showers? No more! Get access to your private RV wet bath with built-in toilet and hot shower on demand. Everything is in place. It only needs you to hop in, live & travel!
Vehicle & Features

Specifications of the B-Van

This all inclusive camper van is built on a sturdy and reliable chassis Ram ProMaster 3500 159 EXT WB. You can sleep, eat and work (and play!) in your new home on wheels, designed like a modern tiny house. No need to hook up the van in a campground or RV park, you are completely autonomous with Jesse's powerful electrical system, powered by solar panels, a DC-DC charger and a 600Ah lithium battery pack. Enjoy the extensive 40 gallon fresh and grey water tanks, for plenty of water while you ride in remote areas or live off-the-grid! Full freedom with Jesse, your ultimate camper van designed for your outdoor adventures.

Make & Model
RAM ProMaster 3500
110V USB A & C outlet
12V Fridge
Built-in microwave
Dimmable LED light
Outdoor folding table
Portable induction cooktop
Sliding door window
Upper storages
Living Room
110V USB A & C outlet
12V USB A & C outlet
Dimmable LED light
Double pane window with built in bug net and black out cover
Retractable double layer table
Swivel seat driver side
Swivel seat passenger side
Built-in cassette toilet
Built-in shelves
Full size shower cabin
Shower fan with LED
Shower head and shower handle
110V USB A & C outlet
12V USB A & C outlet
Dimmable LED light
Driver side double pane window with built in bug net and black out cover
Queen-size RV mattress 6"
Rear windows
Electrical System
Battery monitor
Battle Born 100 Amp x 3
Digital multi control unit
Inverter - Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120V
Victron system
Victron system 300Amp battery bank
Water System
12V Water pump
40 gallon Fresh water tank
40 gallon Grey water tank
Heating System
Hydronic furnace kit
Optional Features Selected
--- Lithium System upgrades ---
600 Ah Victron Energy
400W Solar System
DC/DC Charger
--- Air System ---
AC 12V
Espar Heater
--- Comfort ---
UV Water filter
Outdoor shower
--- Safety & Connection ---
--- A la carte ---
Bug net - Sliding & rear
Black out covers - Sliding & rear
Black out covers - CAB
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