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Thoughtfully designed by and for digital nomads, our B-Digital provides a dedicated workspace for your online activities. This model comes with a built-in computer screen, a WiFi booster, a video projector, and all the electronic supplies for your off-grid adventures. Stay connected, work remotely, anywhere you go!

Build starting price: $45,000
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All our designs are inspired by our expertise in European hotel luxury. Our qualified team of expert cabinet makers meets the excellence in rendering those vans into comfortable mobile dwellings. Visit our B-Digital vans from your screen with our gallery of builds!

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5 easy steps to own your B-Van
Step 1: Select your vehicle

Our conversions for the B-Digital are based on the ProMaster 2500 High Roof 159 WB. We can help you find the perfect vehicle deal, thanks to our partners. You can also come directly with your own van, as long as it is the same model.

Step 2: Define your project

How do you imagine your dream vehicle? What would you use it for? Let’s lay all cards on the table. Tell us your project, we put it down on paper.

>> You receive an estimate of the build, with the selected layout and features.
>> To book your build timeline, you will be asked to pay a refundable deposit of $2,000.


Step 3: Choose your design

Once we receive your deposit, we work together for the next two weeks to decide on the interior and exterior design of your van.

>> You receive the design of your build, with the selected colors and materials.
>> To get your build started, you will be asked to pay 60% of the total payment.


Step 4: We build your B-Van

Our team of expert cabinet makers will take care of the build within 10 to 12 weeks. We will communicate the exact delivery date two weeks prior the end of the build.

>> You will receive pictures of the progress made every week.
>> To book the delivery date, you will be asked to pay 40% of the total payment a month before the end of the build.


Step 5: Delivery day!

Your B-Van is ready to roll! We highly recommend you to come pick it up at our warehouse, so we can guide you step by step into the use of your new home on wheels. We can also deliver the van with an additional cost.

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Vehicle & features

Specifications of the B-Digital

All our B-Digitals are built on the ProMaster 2500 High Roof 159 WB. The van conversion comes with a package of included features. Customize your van with your favorite interior colors and textures from our catalogue, and add any optional features to fulfill your wants and needs. Accomplish your dream van with the outside paint color of your choice!

Kitchen Features
Fridge 12V
Sink and faucet
Induction hob or propane
LED lights
Plug with USB port
Living Room Features
Folding table
LED lights
Cushion and curtains
Plug with USB port
Bathroom Features
Chemical toilet
Bedroom Features
Two bedside lamps
Full size mattress
LG Screen
Workstation Accessories
Projector & Screen
Electrical System
Invertor - Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120v VE Bus
Battle Born 12V 100Ah x3
Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor
Water System
Water pump
Electrical water heater
Grey water tank
Fresh water tank
Optional Features
Bedroom Window - Driver side
Bedroom Window - Passenger side
Chemical Toilet
DC/DC Charger Engine
Extra Lithium Battery
Full Bedding Kit (pillows, sheets)
Heater Espar
Kitchen Window
Outdoor Shower
Rear Windows
Roof AC - 110V
Roof AC - 12V
Sliding Door Window
Solar System 400W
Swivel Seat - Driver Side
Swivel Seat - Passenger Side
Third Back Seat (removable)
Outside paint
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Our B-Digital builds

For digital nomads, remote workers, gamers, streamers, online influencers, or simply for anyone who appreciates being connected online at all times, we present to you our B-Digital build selection. Visit our most recent creations, each named after a former client who inspired us with their passion project.


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