10 tips for saving money with your recreational vehicle 

Whether you use your recreational vehicle for traveling, living, working, or playing, saving money is on everyone’s mind, especially in today’s economy! Today we share 10 tips for saving money with your recreational vehicle. Travel smarter and make your dollar go further as you enjoy life on the road with your camper van!




B-Loft Home on wheels built by Bemyvan




Go with a Promaster!

Our Ram Promaster builds are our bread and butter, and we know you’ll love living and adventuring in these impeccably designed homes on wheels! Explore our B-Home, B-Loft, and B-Adventure builds. As they’re all 2WD, they’re much less fuel-consuming than 4×4 builds. Better fuel economy means more memories to be made! Ultimately, it’s not about the distance driven but the stories you make and the connections you build along the way.





Screen inside Carol Adam's B-Adventure remote architect off-grid





Take advantage of free Vanlife Activities

There are countless free Vanlife activities to enjoy, from hiking to ghost town expeditions to wildlife watching. In fact, we made a whole blog article about these free activities that won’t break the bank, here!





Ghost town in California called Pioneertown, perfect to explore with a Be-Van built by Bemyvan



Work remotely as a nomad

When you live and work on the road, you have the advantage of saving on several costs. No more commuting to work or setting-up up a home office space – our recreational vehicles are fully equipped for remote working, with additions like Starlink internet, Wi-Fi boosters, and additional screens all possible for a comfortable, convenient van office. Starlink RV allows you to work remotely, take calls, and collaborate with your team from even the most remote locations, allowing you to save on cellular data, which can cost a fortune in the long run. It’s a fantastic time to be alive as a nomad, and we made an article about some awesome remote jobs perfect for Vanlife, too!





Bemyvan client creative work in B-Van desk




Take out an RV loan

RV loans are investments that are worth it for the long term. We offer up to 20 years of RV loans and are happy to discuss them with you when you’re ready for the road!


Book a meeting!


Know your Vanlife Tech

Before investing in a recreational vehicle, it’s imperative you educate yourself about a few Vanlife technicalities. There are so many options and off-grid systems to choose from in this era, and the tech of your camper van will be what keeps it sturdy and reliable for full-time living. For example, a B-Van with a reliable electricity, solar panels and lithium system will allow you to be more autonomous. Being autonomous means saving on lodging for vacations, along with electrical hookups in campsites and RV parks. This leads us to our next point!





Off-grid lithium batteries full time vanlife


Invest in a robust off-grid power system

Another plus of our Ram Promaster builds is their robust off-grid power systems. We all love the luxury of ice-cold air conditioning when we’re road-tripping on hot summer days, but that AC chews through fuel quite quickly. Luckily, with our off-grid power system, you can enjoy endless power and comfort thanks to a sturdy lithium battery pack (up to 600Ah) and 400w solar panels. The good life!





Carol Adams and her dog Bodhi Vanlife as a remote architect





Cook hearty meals in your van kitchen

We take pride in our homes on wheels; the B-Van kitchen is always a highlight! Save money while you discover your inner chef on the road. Skip the drive-thru and enjoy the amenities of a full-time kitchen. You’ll be able to whip up hearty, nutritious meals and even meal prep throughout the week. Stock up on fresh, local ingredients as you cruise through country towns, and invite your camp neighbors over for a starlit dinner!





Vanlife kitchen




Insulation is key

Reliable insulation means less fuel consumption, and you can rest assured you’ll stay warm and toasty in the colder months with havelock wool and quality window coverings to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Our window coverings offer you privacy, too!




Make your van work for you

There are plenty of ways to earn extra income from your camper van while it’s not in use, and you can easily take advantage of them! Rent it out on Airbnb, use it as a backdrop for photoshoots, or share it with family and friends in exchange for dog sitting. The list is endless, and we wrote an article all about how to earn extra income with your van, here.





Indoor shower and van interior River





Try before you buy and rent!

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a recreational vehicle like a camper van, take advantage of our rental program first! It’s super easy to rent a B-Van beforehand to decide which van will better suit your lifestyle. Our B-Loft build, Alta, is fully equipped for full-time living, and Charlie, our B-Home, is perfect for weekend warriors.





Exploration and Creativity in a B-Van





If you decide you love it and later go to purchase a B-Van, you’ll receive some rental credit towards your purchase. Contact us for more info!



Rent on GoCamp!



There you have it! A few ways to make your dollars go further and save money with your recreational vehicles. Anything we missed? Share your tips and tricks with us over on Instagram!


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