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Why Vanlife is Amazing for Holiday Travel

Holiday travel doesn’t have to be so stressful! This season is about celebrating with family and friends, coming together, and looking back at another year that has quickly passed us by.


We think it’s time to slow things down a bit – and get back to enjoying the season for what it’s meant to be!



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Here are a few reasons why Vanlife is amazing for holiday travel!


Avoid the airport chaos

Lines are longer, flight tickets are through the roof, and airlines know you’ll pay them to see your loved ones over the holidays. You’re lucky if you get to your destination on time without a flight delay or lost luggage to greet you at your destination. Doing Vanlife over the holidays means you get to skip the airport altogether. This means no more ridiculous security lines, taking off your shoes, and squeezing into a cramped middle seat!



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With Vanlife, every seat is a window seat! You get to go at your own pace, stress-free, and no need to crawl over the stranger next to you to use the bathroom or stretch your legs. Did we mention not paying those outrageous extra fees for your luggage? Store all of your holiday gifts in the B-Van’s garage and cabinets without worrying about your bags being overweight (we’re guilty of that – serial over-packers over here!) or worse, lost altogether.



Save on hotels

With a full-time, super cozy memory foam bed in our Be-Van builds, you get hotel-quality sleep in your little home on wheels! With an off-grid heating system, a super convenient and clean private indoor bathroom with a hot shower, a desk to work from, and a functional kitchen space with a fridge and stove, you’ll have more amenities than some hotel rooms offer! 




B-Home soaking up sunshine for holiday travel



Skip the rental car

Having an off-grid adventure van over the holidays also means you don’t need to pick up an extra rental car! Double score! When your sweet ride comes complete as your hotel, your kitchen to whip up all the Fixin’s, your spa shower, your workstation, and your mode of transportation, you can spend more time doing what you love – spending quality time with family, building snowmen, and getting seconds and thirds of Mom’s stuffing! 



Have an adventure on the side!

We’re all looking for ways to enjoy life a little more. We spend so much of our time hustling and working that it’s easy to forget how precious this human experience is. Having a van means heading toward your destination with an adventure on the side! Is there a monument you’ve always wanted to see or a famous roadside diner on Route 66 you watched on the Food Network that you said you’d love to try one day? Now’s your chance to let a little adventure in – and your stories will be a big hit over the holiday dinner table. A perfect segway when Uncle Rick wants to start talking politics!




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Perfect for winter sports outings

Once you’ve had your leftover plate, your post-turkey nap, and the tryptophan wears off, it’s time to get outside! Having an off-grid adventure van means a trip to the snow is a drive away. Maybe building snowmen with your niece is more your speed, or maybe you’re ready to shred the gnar after the dumping of fresh snow. Whatever it is, we recently wrote an article all about Winter sports and Vanlife, which you can find here. You can say it’s your crash course in all things Vanlife and winter sports! Pack your gear, and get ready to shred! (Another reason to skip the airport this year!)




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A functional kitchen

We’ve been waiting to get to this part! The fully functional, sleek kitchen space in the B-Vans includes a stove, a fridge, and a microwave! You have everything you need to whip up a delicious side dish to share with the fam over the holiday table. Our personal favorites are Van-cooked mushroom mac ‘n cheese, creamy garlic mashed potatoes, and balsamic drizzled Brussel sprouts! Whether you’re more into greens, beans, potatoes, or tomatoes (you name it) – we think you’ll fall in love with cooking in the Be-Van. It’s a favorite feature of our happy customer’s, next to the hot, luxurious indoor shower! In fact, we even have a blog post on the Do’s & Don’t of Vanlife Cooking.




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An Exit Strategy

Here’s your exit strategy when Uncle Rick brings up politics again (he always does!) Sounds like a great time to make a hot cocoa on your van stove, go for a drive and check out the neighborhood Christmas lights! We love decorating the van, too! It’s an awesome way to meet people and start conversations when traveling. Trust us, our Be-Vans are head-turners!




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Convenience & Comfort

It all comes down to these two. We prefer traveling slowly, maximizing our time with our loved ones, and opening ourselves up to adventures along the way. Vanlife over the holidays means you get to experience the season exactly how you want to, on your terms, and we think that’s pretty special!




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Buy or Rent a Be-Van!

We’d love to help you build your dream home on wheels for your holiday travels and beyond! Contact us to get started today, or rent one of our Be-Vans on GoCamp!




Happy Holidays to You and Yours,

From the Bemyvan Fam ❤️



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